Bylaws are municipal legislation used to protect the welfare, safety and health of the residents of the Village of Pemberton, as well as to promote community standards.

Bylaws are passed by Village Council, maintained by the Village of Pemberton Clerk's department, and enforced by the Bylaw Officer. Village of Pemberton bylaws address and regulate concerns such as zoning, building, parking, animal control, noise levels, and licensing.

The following is a list of frequently requested bylaws:

Parks and Public Spaces Use Bylaw
Parking Enforcement & Winter Parking
Smoking Regulation Bylaw
Animal Control Bylaw & Licensing
Licences and Permits
Noise Regulation Bylaw
Outdoor Water Use Regulation Bylaw
Consolidated Unsightly Premises Bylaw

For a list of Village of Pemberton Bylaws, click here.

To appeal a bylaw offence ticket, submit this Bylaw Offence Appeal Form to the Village Office

(Please note, to complete or email a PDF, you must first save the PDF to your computer.  If using a MAC, do not use MAC Preview to complete the form as it will corrupt the file).

If you need to report a noise complaint after hours, please contact the RCMP.

For lost and found animals after hours, please contact PAWS at 604 966 1185 and/or WAG at 604 935 8364.


Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Phone: 604.894.6135 Ext. 246 
Email: admin @