Election Rules & Regulations

The General Local Election is regulated by the Community Charter, the Local Government Act and the  Village of Pemberton General Local Election Procedure Bylaw No. 770, 2014. Some key rules to follow on voting days:

  • Voting is by a secret ballot - no talking about how you or someone else votes, no displaying your ballot and only one person per voting booth
  • No campaigning within 100 metres of the Community Centre, including no displaying signs, ads, buttons or flyers and no influencing voters
  • Only eligible electors are permitted in the Voting Place - and they must leave immediately after voting (except by special permission)
  • No vote buying or intimidation
  • No signing false statements
  • No radio or newspaper campaign ads are permitted on General Voting Day

Election offences can result in a $10,000 fine and up to two years in prison.

The rules have changed regarding supporting a candidate, campaign organizers, elector organizations, and reporting requirements for advertising/campaigning. New legislation, Local Elections Campaign Financing Act,  requires people or organizations seeking to affect the outcome of the municipal election by organizing a campaign to be known as "campaign organizers", and places the same requirements for financial reporting on those individuals or groups as it does on candidates or elector organizations.

Campaign organizers who intend to campaign for or against a candidate or try to affect the outcome of elections based on specific issues, but who cannot endorse candidates in the manner elector organizations can, must appoint a financial agent, must open an election-specific bank account and must account for both donations and expenditures in the same manner as elector organizations. The reporting requirement for this disclosure is set at $500 in donations or $500 in expenditures - after receiving $500 in donations or expending $500, the campaign organizer must advise the Chief Election Officer.

For answers to questions about election advertising, third party sponsors and campaign financing please contact Elections BC toll free by phone at 1.855.952.0280 or by email at electoral.finance@elections.bc.ca.

Please review these Provincial publications to ensure that you do not inadvertently commit any election offences:

General Municipal Election Contact

Chief Election Officer
Sheena Fraser, Corporate Officer
Office Hours Telephone: 604-894-6135 ext 228
Email Sheena