Sanitary sewer and wastewater treatment

The Village of Pemberton’s wastewater collection system consists of over 22,600 m of sanitary sewer mains (including gravity sewers and force mains) and nine Sanitary Lift Stations. Waste is pumped to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) located on Airport Rd, which discharges into the Lillooet River. The WWTP was built in 2004 and is designed to service a population of up to 5000 people.

Wastewater Treatment

The Village of Pemberton Wastewater Treatment Plant opened in 2005
The Village of Pemberton Wastewater Treatment Plant opened in 2005

The Pemberton Wastewater Treatment Plant is a Class II facility that uses a biological process called a sequential batch reactor system. Microorganisms in the tanks decompose nutrients. Clear water is decanted off the top, treated under UV light to deactivate any remaining bugs, and released into the river.

The sludge which is left behind goes into one of two aerobic digestors, aerated for 30-55 days, then is separated into solids and water. The water re-enters the plant into the treatment process. The solids, no longer resembling their original state, are collected for composting.

Features of the facility

  • influent fine screening auger (headworks)
  • two tank, intermittent cycle, extended aeration activated sludge (ICEAS) sequencing batch reactor (SBR) system
  • aerobic sludge digestion tank
  • belt filter press biosolids dewatering
  • air management and odour control
  • effluent flow equalization tank
  • UV disinfection banks
  • outfall with 2-port diffuser.


The Village of Pemberton Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is located at 34-1850 Airport Road, and is open by appointment Monday to Friday.