Blasting Regulations

The Village requires that blasting companies are insured, have a blasting certificate issued by WorkSafe BC, and that they issue notification to neighbouring property owners.

The blasting company must provide notification to the occupants of all buildings within 300 metres of the site at least one week before work is set to begin. This notification must include:

  • A location, description and purpose of the work being undertaken
  • Anticipated start and completion dates of the work
  • Anticipated blasting times 
  • Methods to safeguard persons and property
  • Signals and other warning methods to be used
  • Blasting contractor's name and contact

Permit holders may only carry out blasting Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. All permits are valid for 90 days unless specified otherwise. 

Blasting is regulated by WorkSafeBC

WorkSafeBC oversees blasting work practices in British Columbia. They are responsible for issuing Blasting Tickets to qualified individuals and ensuring safe blasting practices. 

WorkSafeBC considers proper blasting notification as follows:

  • 12 short audible whistle signals followed by a 2 minute pause;
  • Blast will be detonated;
  • A longer whistle signal to indicate 'All Clear' after detonation.

Blasting Permit Submission Process

1. Once you login, select "Create New Application"
2. Name your project ie. 7400 Prospect Street
3. Find your address using the map, if you cannot find it by typing the address you can scroll through the map to locate it or enter it manually.
4. Select the Building Permit Icon, then select Miscellaneous, New, and then Blasting
5. Follow the steps to submitting the required documentation
6. Once the application has been approved you will receive an invoice which must be paid upon pickup of the permit. You must wait for a letter of approval and pay all fees and deposits before beginning any blasting. Fees will be determined by staff and can be found in Schedule D of the Fees and Charges Bylaw No 905, 2021


Blasting regulation Bylaw No. 714, 2012 
Fees and Charges Bylaw No. 905, 2021, Schedule D