Alternative Approvals Processes

From time to time, the Village will undertake an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) to gauge public opinion in regard to certain types of proposed bylaws, agreements, or other matters. It is most commonly used in relation to long-term borrowing bylaws.

To learn more about AAPs, please see the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development website and Alternative Approval Process: A Guide for Local Governments in British Columbia.

When the Village of Pemberton conducts an alternative approval process, those qualified electors who are in opposition of the item being considered must complete and submit an Electoral Response Form before the deadline established by Council. Electoral Response Forms will beavailable for download or pick-up at the Village Office.

Only those persons who qualify as electors of the Village are entitled to sign an Electoral Response Form. Qualified electors who are in favour of the item being considered do not have to submit any forms. Qualified electors signing a response form in OPPOSITION to the item being considered must meet all the following requirements on the day of registration:

a)   Age 18 or older
b)   Canadian citizen
c)   a resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months
d)   a resident of the District of Pemberton for at least 30 days.

A non-resident of the Village of Pemberton who owns property within the Village may be eligible to sign an elector response form but should check with Village Office as to whether they meet all the requirements of Section 51 of the Local Government Act.

Past Alternative Approval Processes

Year Bylaw/Topic Elector Approval
2015 Triple Combination Fire Truck Loan Authorization Received
2015 Water Reservoir Loan Authorization Received
2014 Poplar Street Sewer Line Loan Authorization Received
2010 Boundary Extension Authorization (Rutherford Area, Pemberton Watershed Area and Airport Area) Received