Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is a building permit required?

A Building Permit is required when you:

  • construct a new building or structure;
  • install an intermodal structure (e.g. shipping container);
  • make alterations, additions or repairs to an existing building or structure;
  • install a fire sprinkler system or alarm system;
  • complete a previously unfinished area in an existing building (e.g. a recreation room or bathroom etc.);
  • make interior structural renovations; 
  • demolish or relocate a building or structure;
  • locate or relocate a manufactured or mobile home on a lot;
  • remodel or construct a deck;
  • construct a swimming pool or hot tub; seasonal pools require a one time permit
  • install new fixtures or alter plumbing within a building or structure on a property;
  • connect to a municipal water supply &/or sanitary or storm sewer system;
  • install a new chimney or fireplace;
  • enclose a porch or a carport or change your garage to living space; or
  • change the use or occupancy of an existing building, (e.g. from office to retail, from residential to B&B, including any type of nightly rental operation).

You may not start any stage of a project, including demolition or excavation, until a building permit has been obtained.

What type of work would not require a permit?

A building permit is not required for:

  • installing cupboards
  • replacing existing bathroom, kitchen or laundry fixtures and fittings
  • replacing windows and doors in existing openings;
  • recovering existing floors
  • roofing repairs or replacements (providing that no structural changes are made);
  • exterior finish repair or replacement (e.g. siding, providing that no structural changes are made);
  • installing fences less than 1.2 metres in height at the front or 1.8 meters in height at the rear;
  • retaining structures less than 1.2 metres in height;
  • accessory buildings (e.g. storage shed) less than 10 square metres in size, not to be used for residential occupancy (note: even though a permit is not required, the structure must still comply with zoning regulations with respect to setbacks and height).

If you are unsure whether your project will require a permit, please contact us at 604-894-6135 ext. 249 or

Why do I need a permit?
The provincial government, through the Community Charter and BC Building Act, has granted municipalities the power to administer the construction of buildings and structures and the installation of plumbing, electrical and gas services. Municipalities issue building permits and conduct inspections as a means of monitoring construction to ensure compliance with the applicable municipal bylaws and provincial regulations. 

Who is involved in the process?

The Chief Building Official undertakes the review of all building permit applications and conducts the inspections.

Depending upon the complexity of the application, there may be involvement with other staff including the clerk, planner, operations manager, and the fire chief. 

Building permit applications may also require approval from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy and Vancouver Coast Health.

What is the purpose of the process?

The primary purpose for the issuance of a building permit is to ensure that all buildings comply with safety, health, and zoning requirements of the Province and the Village. Building codes have been established by the Province in order to uphold public safety standards, and until a proposed building design meets with requirements of the codes and applicable bylaws, a permit will not be issued.

How long is the process?

A building permit application process times depends on what type of permit is being applied for. During the busy spring and summer months additional time may be needed. The time to process an application is largely dependent on the completeness and accuracy of the application. 

Current permit processing times as of March 2024 are as follows:

Permit Type Minimum Processing Time
Single Family Dwellings  7 Weeks Minimum
Complex Buildings 16 Weeks Minimum 
Occupancy Requests 4 Weeks Minimum 
Minor Permits 

(Pools, Decks, Renovations, Blasting etc)

3 Weeks Minimum
Site Alteration Permits 1-3 Weeks Minimum

Reminder: Application and permit review begins when a Complete application has been submitted. Submit early to avoid delays.

How much does a permit cost?

Permit prices are set out in Schedule T of the Fees and Charges Bylaw. Please consult the bylaw for more information.

I am having technical issues with Cloudpermit, who can I contact?

For all technical related questions related directly to Cloudpermit please visit their support portal or use the chat box on your application page to speak directly with staff.