Site Alteration Permits

When and Why Do I need a Site Alteration Permit?

A Site Alteration Permit is required prior to any site works in advance of a building permit. Please note Site Alteration permits are not permitted in Development Permit Areas. You will need a Site Alteration Permit if you have a bare lot and want to prepare the site in advance of construction of a home or other building and do not have a building permit in place. If the soil removal or deposit is under 10 cubic meters, an application is not required. Please note that structural works are specifically not permitted under a Site Alteration Permit. If you want to Excavate for services and alter the structural nature of a lot, an excavation permit is required. 

A Site Alteration Permit is not intended to be a means to expedite the building process. As per Site Alteration Bylaw No. 822, 2017 before the permit is issued, the applicant shall first have obtained all necessary permits and permissions for development of the site.

A Site Alteration Permit will allow you to complete the following work:

  • Exploratory site grubbing works: to clear the site within your building envelope to determine how you will build on the site.
  • Establishment of a driveway: to create access to continue building on the site.
  • Tree removal of any kind
  • Soil Deposit or removal

Types of Site Alteration Permits

Amount of Deposit of Removal  Is a Permit Required?  Type of Permit Required
Under 10 cubic metres per calendar year  No  Not required
Over 10 cubic metres, but under 100m3 Yes Minor Permit
100 cubic metres or more Yes Major Permit
Tree removal Yes Minor Permit

How to apply for a permit

Contact the Building Services department to confirm you can apply for a Site Alteration Permit in your area. All permit types can be applied for online. If you are new to our system Cloudpermit you will need to create an account. If you have used the system before you may log back in. Select the button below and proceed to registration/login. 

Supporting Documents

For Major Permits, please refer to the Site Alteration Major Permit Checklist before submitting.

Submission Process

1. Once you login, select "Create New Application"
2. Name your project ie. 7400 Prospect Street
3. Find your address using the map, if you cannot find it by typing the address you can scroll through the map to locate it or enter it manually.
4. Select the Building Permit Icon, then select the type of permit you would like ie. Site Alteration - Major or Minor
5. Follow the steps to submitting the required documentation
6. Once the application has been approved you will receive an invoice which must be paid upon pickup of the permit. You must wait for a letter of approval and pay all fees and deposits before beginning any site work. Fees will be determined by staff and can be found in Schedule P of the Fees and Charges Bylaw No 905, 2021

If you are unable to click submit, you are likely missing documentation or your application has not been signed off. Please use the messaging function to contact our team and we will be able to look at your draft application.

Permit Payment

Where required, permit fees can be paid online through credit card using our Option Pay service. Please note processing fees may apply. Alternatively the Village accepts Debit, Cash or Cheque in office. Credit Card payments are not accepted in office. 

Help with Cloudpermit

For details on using Cloudpermit as an applicant or a building professional, please see Cloudpermit's guide to comprehensive support articles during the permit application process.

Still have questions?

Check out the FAQ section or contact or by telephone at 604-894-6135 extension 249.