Current RFPs

Please see a list of Current Request for Proposals (RFPs) and their deadlines below. 
Please ensure the RFP is submitted to the contact names listed on the RFP. 

RFP# Project Name RFP Deadline
2023-1 Rec Site Amenity Building May 5, 2023 - CLOSED

Daycare Playground

Addendum #1 

June 21st, 2023-CLOSED

Triple Combination Pumper Truck

July 14, 2023 - 12:00PM - CLOSED

To learn more about current Village projects, please visit the Projects and Initiatives page

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Selection Process and General Terms

Submissions will be evaluated based on the Proposal that, in the Village’s opinion offers the best value for the Products and/or Services requested. Considerations will include the proposed scope of work (i.e., final deliverables), quality of design, team qualifications and track record, relevant recent experience, overall project cost, schedule, demonstrated ability to complete the project within the proposed schedule, as well as any other any factors the Village deems to be relevant to the project success. The Village of Pemberton reserves the right to reject any or all proposals; the lowest priced submission will not necessarily be accepted. The Village reserves the right to waive informalities in or reject any or all Proposals or accept the Proposal deemed most favorable to the interest of the Village of Pemberton.