Strategic Plan 2023-2026

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Councils in British Columbia are responsible for providing for good government for the community, providing services and laws for community benefit, providing for stewardship of community assets, and fostering the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the community.

The purpose of this Strategic Plan is to identify how the Village of Pemberton Council intends to undertake these responsibilities during its term. Guided by a vision for the community and a set of values, Council has identified its goals to focus efforts and the use of Village resources over the next four years.

Village of Pemberton Vision

Pemberton is a healthy, inclusive, and safe community. A place where the land and people are honoured, its unique culture thrives, and the community flourishes.

Guiding Values

  • We come with open minds, ask questions first, listen to understand, and engage in respectful and informed dialogue
  • We encourage new ideas and innovative problem-solving
  • We are forward thinking, considering the issues of the day and looking toward to the future
  • We are fiscally responsible and efficient with our resources
  • We are attuned to the local community and to external forces


Strategic Priorities & Objectives

Plan & Manage Growth

Create a community where residents thrive and businesses prosper.

  1. Support diversity of housing development that meets with housing needs
  2. Create a community-based vision through the completion of the Official Community Plan
  3. Support initiatives that increase food security
  4. Establish a viable maintenance plan for infrastructure, assets, and amenities to meet community needs
  5. Enhance (or expand) local arts, culture, and recreation opportunities

Be Prepared

Improve the safety of the community through disaster mitigation and recovery support.

  1. Increase community safety to keep pace with growth and climate change impacts
  2. Develop regional emergency and post-disaster recovery plans
  3. Begin planning for RCMP integration and funding

Protect Our Environment

Focus on sustainable practices and forward-thinking environmental protection.

  1. Increase transportation alternatives to support options beyond the car
  2. Preserve and enhance natural assets
  3. Deliver on water conservation plan
  4. Reduce corporate emissions

Cultivate Trust

Collaborate with Indigenous peoples to build strong relationships and shared decision making.

  1. Engage with Indigenous peoples to strengthen relationships
  2. Create stronger community engagement
  3. Complete the new Protocol Agreement

Operate with Excellence

Establish a resilient, adaptable, and talented organization capable of responding to the changing community.

  1. Attract, retain, and develop qualified and creative staff members
  2. Develop upgrade plan for municipal hall offices and infrastructure (e.g., technology)
  3. Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness to enhance service delivery