Nomination Documents and Challenge of Nomination

Nomination documents are available for public inspection at the Village office from the time the documents are received until 30 days after declaration of official election results.

A challenge of nomination may only be made by:
a person who is an elector of the municipality or trustee electoral area where the election is being held; 
another nominee in the same election; or
the Chief Election Officer.

A challenge must be made to the Provincial Court and may be made only on one or more of the following bases:
the person is not qualified to be nominated or elected;
the nomination was not made in accordance with Local Government Act section 86 to 89; or
the usual name of the nominee written in the nomination documents is not the usual name of the person. 

The person making the challenge must immediately notify the challenged nominee and the Chief Election Officer.

The deadline to challenge a nomination for the 2022 general local elections is 4:00pm on Tuesday, September 13th. 

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