Pay Now

The Village of Pemberton is now accepting ONLINE credit card payments using OptionPay - a third party software provider. For a small fee, OptionPay provides residents with another convenient method of paying for taxes, utilities, municipal tickets and more. OptionPay uses a tiered fees schedule to collect a load fee on each transaction.

How to Pay with OptionPay Online 

  1. Enter your payment type and value of payment
  2. The system will calculate the convenience fee based on the value you are paying, for a list of convenience fees please click here.
  3. The total due, including the convenience fee, will appear.
  4. Select which bill you would like to pay under expense type (i.e. Taxes, Business Licence, Municipal Tickets, etc.).
  5. Enter the appropriate account ID

Property Tax – your 11 digit roll number starting with 560
Accounts Receivable – your invoice number
Business Licence – your account number as found on your invoice or NEW
Municipal Ticket – your ticket number
Utility Billing – your 11 digit account number starting with 000
Development Permit – your civic address

  1. Enter your email address and any comments that will assist with your payment
  2. Click to authorize OptionPay to charge your card and the secure transaction boxes.
  3. Click on Submit Payment
  4. A confirmation receipt is sent to your email address as provided in Step 6.


Please be advised that the Village of Pemberton does not provide refunds or process cancellations for transactions made using OptionPay. Once you have consented to the processing of your credit card payment and remitted the associated load fee, the charge and fee is irreversible. If the payment was made to the wrong account or is a duplicate charge, please contact us at