About the Spel̓kúmtn Community Forest

Speĺkúmtn Community Forest (SCF) exists to benefit partnering communities by maintaining local control over forest resources, generating revenue for the shareholders and offering opportunities for local voice in the management of surrounding forests. The SCF is a Corporation owned in partnership by the Líl’wat Nation and the Village of Pemberton.

The mission of Speĺkúmtn Community Forest is to operate a safe, profitable and sustainable community forest. The community forest is managed for environmental, social and economic values while taking into consideration the desires of its member and neighbouring communities.

The Speĺkúmtn Community Forest is situated entirely within the Unceded and Traditional Territory of Líĺwat Nation. It encompasses 17, 727 hectares of land around the Village of Pemberton and Mount Currie.

To find out more about the Speĺkúmtn Community Forest, please visit the Speĺkúmtn Community Forest website.