Municipal Council Election

The Village of Pemberton is governed by a Council of five elected officials: one Mayor and four Councillors. Council operates at policy level and delegates day-to-day operations through the Chief Administrative Officer, to Village staff.

In accordance with the Community Charter and the Local Government Act, eligible voters of the Village of Pemberton vote in a General Local Election held every four (4) years, on the third Saturday in November, to elect their Council and a Village of Pemberton Electoral Area Sea-to-Sky School District 48 Board Trustee. Voting held at other times may be in a by-election, to fill a vacancy or, in other voting, to respond to a referendum question. 


If approval of the electors is require or authorized under the Local Government Act or Community Charter, local governments may use a referendum as a method to obtain the approval of electors in relation to a proposed bylaw, agreement or other matter, the approval is obtained only if a majority of the votes are in favour of the bylaw or question.

A referendum is conducted in the same manner as an election with advance voting and mail ballot voting opportunities in addition to a general voting day being on a Saturday. Electors register at time of voting and cast their vote on a ballot usually in a form of a "yes" or "no" question.

Many of the rules & regulations that apply to municipal council elections also apply to referendums. To find out more, visit the "Voter Information" or "Election Rules & Regulations" links above.

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Alternative Approvals Process (AAP)

Section 84 of the Community Charter contains the provisions for elector approval. If electors' approval is required under the Community Charter or Local Government Act in relation to a particular matter, that approval may be obtained either by assent of the electors (i.e., a referendum vote), or by alternative approval process (AAP). The alternative approval process is a less expensive method of obtaining elector assent.

The municipality obtains approval of the electors through the alternative approval process if fewer than 10% of eligible electors in the area covered by the alternate approval process submit elector response forms. By signing the alternative approval response forms an elector expresses his/her opposition to the particular matter being proposed by the municipality. If more than 10% of eligible electors sign the response forms, the municipality must seek a vote in order to proceed with the matter.


Election Contact

Each local government is responsible for running its own local elections, referendums and alternative approval processes in accordance with Provincial laws regulating local governments. Council has appointed the Manager of Corporate & Legislative Services as the Village's Chief Election Officer and the Legislative Assistant as the Deputy Chief Election Officer. The role of the Chief Election Officer and Deputy Chief Election Officer is to ensure the processes are run in accordance with the Village's General Local Government Election Procedures Bylaw and the Local Government Act.

Chief Election Officer
Sheena Fraser, Manager of Corporate & Legislative Services
Office Hours Telephone: 604-894-6135 ext 228
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