Building Permits

Do I need a Building Permit? 
Planning to construct, alter, renovate, demolish, relocate, or change the occupancy of any building or structure, including a pool, deck, or retaining wall? You will need a building permit. Please click here to see if the work you are doing needs a permit.

Notice! All applications submitted at or after 08:00am on Friday March 8th, 2024, shall be designed and constructed under the new 2024 BC Building Code requirements. 

For more information, read the BC Building Code Bulletin.

General Permit Information

Applications are accepted online through Cloudpermit. Please see the procedures below to ensure you submit a complete application. A How to Submit video is available here

Please read this Bulletin for the protocols on booking inspections, and what inspections are required. Inspections may be booked online via Cloudpermit or by calling or emailing the building clerk. 

Blasting Permits

For blasting see Blasting Permits. 

Site Alteration Permit

If you want to do work to your lot before construction, a Site Alteration Permit may be required Site Alteration Permit applications can be submitted via Cloudpermit by selecting Site Alteration. 

Development Permits

For development permits please visit the Development Services page. Alternatively, you can email for any inquiries. 


View the Village's GIS Web-Map to locate your property and Zoning information. 

Builder's Bulletins including data on snow/wind loads can be found here. 

How to apply for a Building Permit

The Village now accepts all permit applications through our online software Cloudpermit.

Here are some features of the new system:

  • Apply for and see the status of your permit application anywhere, at any time
  • You can start an application and finish it later
  • Receive email and text updates on the status of your permit application
  • A record of permit documents will be retained under your online profile for future reference
  • Request inspections online with inspection results sent straight to your email

How to apply for a permit

All permit types can be applied for online. If you are new to the system you will need to create an account. If you have used the system before you may log back in. Select the button below and proceed to registration/login. 

Guide on how to apply for a building permit: How to apply for a building permit (written manual)

Video on how to apply for a building permit: How to apply for a building permit (video)

Steps for submitting:
1. Once you login, select "Create New Application"
2. Name your project ie. 7400 Prospect Street
3. Find your address using the map, if you cannot find it by typing the address you can scroll through the map to locate it or enter it manually.
4. Select the Building Permit Icon, then select the type of permit you would like to create ie. Residential Building - New Single Family Dwelling
* Please note Excavation, Occupancy, Retaining Walls, Culverts and Woodstoves can be found under the Miscellaneous section - Site Alteration is under Site Alteration
5. Follow the steps to submitting the required documentation

If you are unable to click submit, you are likely missing documentation or your application has not been signed off. Please use the messaging function to contact our team and we will be able to look at your draft application.

For details on using Cloudpermit as an applicant or a building professional, please see Cloudpermit's guide to comprehensive support articles during the permit application process. You may also watch our Builder's Orientation Video which explains the full process. 

Permit Fees and Payment

Permit prices are set out in Schedule T of the Fees and Charges Bylaw. Please consult the bylaw for more information.

Permit fees can be paid online through credit card using our Option Pay service. Please note processing fees may apply. The Village office (7400 Prospect St.) accepts Debit, Cash or Cheque in office. Credit Card payments are not accepted in office. 

Technical issues with Cloudpermit

For all technical related questions related directly to Cloudpermit please visit their support portal or use the chat box on your application page to speak directly with staff.


Permit Processing Time

Current permit processing times are as follows:

Permit Type Minimum Processing Time
Single Family Dwellings  7 Weeks Minimum
Complex Buildings 16 Weeks Minimum 
Occupancy Requests 4 Weeks Minimum 
Minor Permits 

(Pools, Decks, Renovations, Blasting etc)

3 Weeks Minimum
Site Alteration Permits 1-3 Weeks Minimum

Reminder: Application and permit review begins when a Complete application has been submitted. Submit early to avoid delays.


You may be required to upload some additional forms to your permit application. 
Below is a list of relevant PDF Forms required for most permit applications.

Plumber's Declaration - To be used only for issued Plumbing Permits where a declaration is permitted by the Village in Lieu of a plumbing inspection.

Request to View Building File - Building files may be viewed at the Village office with written permission of the property owner. Please return the completed by email to to request access to a file. 

Form C- Owner's Authorization of Agent - If ownership of land/property is undergoing Title change, the Building Permit application may submit an application with authorization of current owner in the meantime. Building Permit will not be issued until new owner is registered on Title.


Below are some relevant bylaws you may wish to consult before applying.

Building Bylaw
Building Bylaw No. 912, 2021 Consolidated

Amending Bylaws
Building Bylaw Amendment (Housekeeping) Bylaw No 950, 2023 
Building Bylaw Amendment (Building Official Definition) Bylaw No. 916, 2021 

Building Related Bylaws
Flood Regulation Bylaw No. 716, 2012
Zoning Bylaw No. 832, 2018
Site Alteration Bylaw No. 822, 2017, Consolidated
Development Cost Charge Bylaw No. 723, 2013 Consolidated
Blasting Regulation Bylaw No. 714, 2012, Consolidated

Department Contacts

Building & Planning Coordinator
Mia Bojic
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Building & Planning Coordinator
Nikki Segovia
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Manager of Development Services
Scott McRae
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