Planning to construct, alter, renovate, demolish, relocate, or change the occupancy of any building in Pemberton? You will need a building permit.  For more detailed information regarding your specific project, please click on a link below.

Village of Pemberton Building Bylaw No. 694, 2012

For Building Permit information and applications, visit the Licences & Permits Page

The Provincial Government, through the Community Charter and BC Building Regulations, has granted municipalities the power to regulate the construction of buildings and structures and the installation of plumbing, electrical and gas services. Municipalities therefore issue Building Permits as a means of regulating construction to ensure compliance with the applicable Municipal bylaws and Provincial regulations. To ensure that buildings are constructed and facilities are installed in accordance with appropriate regulations, municipalities have also been empowered to undertake inspections. 


Snow Load

  • Ss = 110lbs/sq ft = 5.28 KPa
  • SR = 13.77 lbs/sq ft = SR = 0.66 KPa
  • Design loads to be reduced or increased as per the engineer's design manual regarding roof line, heights and construction.

Seismic Data

  • 2% probability of exceedance in 50 years (0.000404 per annum)
  • Sa(0.2) Sa(0.5) Sa(1.0) Sa(2.0) PGA (g)
  • 0.621 0.464 0.279 0.155 0.280

Hourly Wind Pressures (90 MIL/H Gusts)

  • q 1/50 = .559 K Pa

Frost Penetration

  • Frost Penetration where applicable
  • (site sensitive design parameter) = 24" = 61 cm

Department Contacts

Building & Planning Clerk
Gwendolyn Kennedy
P. 604.894.6135 
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Residential & Commercial Building Official
Faruq Patel
P. 604.894.6135 extension 247
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