About the Village of Pemberton Council

The primary functions of Municipal Council are to establish administrative policy, to adopt bylaws governing matters delegated to local government through the Local Government Act and the Community Charter, along with other Provincial statutes for the protection of the public, and to levy taxes for these purposes. Municipal Council is also empowered to manage, acquire and dispose of Village assets.

Role of Council

Council is the governing body of the Village of Pemberton and the custodian of its legislative powers, duties, and functions. The purpose of local government (which is defined in the provincial legislation as being Council) includes:

  • Providing good government for its community.
  • Providing works, services, facilities, and other things that the municipality considers necessary or desirable for all or part of its community.
  • Providing stewardship of the public assets of its community.
  • Fostering the current and future economic, social and environmental well being of its community.

In their role as Council, they collectively develop policies through the adoption of bylaws and passing of resolutions.

It is important to note that individual members of Council cannot make a decision on behalf of Council nor, individually, are they able to give direction to staff. To do either, they must give a collective direction as a group at a properly convened meeting.

Council may not grant special privileges or immunities to individuals or corporations unless the Community Charter specifically allows them to do so. Generally speaking, they cannot lend money to corporations, give away land, guarantee loans for business purposes, or give tax reductions.

The Community Charter requires that Council exercise its powers at regular or special meetings when a quorum is present.

Council Planning Documents

Annual Strategic Priorities

Annual Reports

Official Community Plan

Writing to Mayor & Council

Correspondence should be addressed to Mayor and Council, personally signed and contain a return mailing address. The Corporate Officer must receive the correspondence no later than Wednesday at noon preceding a regular or special meeting, to be included on the next agenda. Letters may be mailed, faxed or emailed. While email correspondence does not need a signature, it must contain contact information, including full name, mailing address, email address and telephone number.

Your letter will be acknowledged (received) during a Council meeting. Council may just receive you letter, direct further action, or refer it to staff. In any case, the Corporate Officer responds to letters informing the author of Council's action.

If you are writing in regards to a public hearing, your letter must be received prior to the start of the hearing to be considered. Letters may be faxed or emailed. If your correspondence is received after the close of the public hearing, it will not be received by Council unless correspondence is requested after the bylaw is adopted.

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Council Profiles & Contact Info


Left to Right: [Front Row] James Linklater, Mike Richman, Jennie Helmer
[Back Row], Karen Ross, Ted Craddock



Meet Your Council

Mayor Mike Richman

Email: mrichman@pemberton.ca

Originally from Montreal, Mike first landed and fell in love with the Pemberton Valley over twenty years ago.  Mike currently lives on a three acre parcel with his wife Tanya, 13 year old daughter Alyssa and 10 year old son Oliver.  The Richmans raise the majority of their own meat, poultry, eggs and produce on their property and Mike recognizes the importance of responsible food production.

Mike is best known in the region for the fourteen years he spent owning and operating the Pony Espresso.  After selling the business and hanging up his chef's jacket, Mike turned to general contracting as his next direction. Served one term on council and now honoured to serve first term as mayor.

Mike has been active in the community as a coach for youth soccer and coach of the senior girls basketball team at PSS, as well as serving on the Recreational Advisory Committee, Mulitcultural roundtable, PVDD amongst other volunteer endeavours. Telemarking, basketball, mountain biking and the outdoors are his passions however the driving force in his life is his family.

Board/Committee Appointments

  • Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Board
  • Pemberton Lillooet Treaty Advisory
  • Sea to Sky Regional Hospital District Board
  • Child & Youth Mental Health & Substance Use Collaborative (Alt)
  • Winds of Change (Alt)

Jennie Helmer

Phone: 604.966.8091
Email: jhelmer@pemberton.ca

Jennie Helmer is an Advanced Care Paramedic and Organic potato farmer.  She also has a Bachelor of Commerce that she uses on occasion, and she used to practice as a Registered Massage Therapist.   "The diversity of my life means that there have been days where as a Paramedic, I have delivered a baby in the back of the ambulance, as well as resuscitated someone from cardiac arrest one day, and the next morning I am out covered in dirt, happily digging potatoes and carrots with my family and friends".

Jennie's family came to Pemberton in the early 1900's to start potato farming and her Great-grandfather, Walter C Green, sold the first seed potatoes in the Valley for which Pemberton is now famous for.  This is Jennie's second term on council.

Board/Committee Appointments

  • Emergency Planning & Operations Committee
  • Cemetary Committee
  • Agriculture Advisory Committee, SLRD (Liasion)
  • Pemberton Valley Trails Association (Liasion)

Acting Mayor: December, January, February

James Linklater

Phone: 604.894.2464
Email: jlinklater@pemberton.ca

James is the proud & loving father of two teens, Anne and Kevin.  Anne is a recent graduate of Pemberton Secondary School and Kevin is in Grade 9.

James has been involved with the Pemberton Winterfest since its inception, is President & a coach in Pemberton Youth Soccer, a past President of the Rotary Club of Pemberton, a friend of the Lions Club & member of the Royal Canadian Legion.

"During the day" James is entering his 23rd season working for Whistler Blackcomb, all with the Food & Beverage division, a Chef by trade, is currently coordinating food safety & workplace safety.

A diehard Canucks fan & music lover, his main hobbies involve volunteering with many of the great Pemberton residents & groups.

People ask me how I find the time?

My reply generally is if it's important to you, you find the time. Besides, I've got to meet & become friends with many of Pemberton's finest, accomplishing many great things. The reality being, much of it started because of the kids, wanting like many to make it better for them & things evolve from there. You will see him on the slopes, on a bike, at the golf course, tennis court or in the yard, on the street, in the store or on the bus. I love Pemberton and I can't really imagine living anywhere else.

It's very fulfilling for me, being on council, as many have & do find me approachable, wherever that may be to ask, comment or share their concerns. I've learned a ton & am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves & getting to work with new council, cause there's lots to do & I'm committed to doing it.

Board/Committee Appointments

  • Child & Youth Mental Health & Substance Use Collaborative
  • Winds of Change
  • Pemberton Valley Utilities & Services Committe (PVUS)
  • Pemberton Lillooet Treaty Advisory
  • Pemberton & District Library Board
  • Tourism Pemberton (Liasion)

Acting Mayor: March, April, May

Karen Ross

Phone: 604.831.9251
Email: kross@pemberton.ca

Karen Ross is a local business owner who has called Pemberton home since 2002.   Since 2003 Karen and her husband Rich have owned and operated the Esso Gas Station in the heart of downtown Pemberton.  They also have a small farm where they raise beef and layer chickens.

Karen brings a combination of business and community experiences.  As a CPA, CGA she worked in various financial positions for both domestic and international companies.   She has taken an active role in the community being involved in many fundraising initiatives, such as the Barn Dance, and community wide events like Winterfest and Ironman.  She's also lent her business and financial experience to boards and committees in the area including:

  • Pemberton and District Chamber of Commerce President since 2012, board member since 2008.
  • Pemberton & District Health Care Foundation Treasurer since 2010.
  • Community Futures Howe Sound Board Member since 2008

Karen and Rich have two grown children and two grandchildren.  The family chose Pemberton for the amazing lifestyle this valley offers.  She wants to ensure that what is great about Pemberton is preserved and that growth makes sense, socially and financially.  Karen believes that good communication between council and the community,  opening the doors to better relationships with community stakeholders and committing to collaboration are key factors in achieving these goals.

Board/Committee Appointments

  • Municipal Insurance Association of BC (MIABC)
  • Recreation Advisory Committee (Liasion)
  • Cemetery Committee (Alt)
  • Pemberton & District Library Board (Alt)
  • Pemberton Valley Utilities & Services Committee (PVUS)
  • Squamish Lillooet Regional District Board (Alt)
  • Sea to Sky Regional Hospital District Board (Alt)

Acting Mayor: June, July, August

Ted Craddock

Phone: 604.894.6941
Email: tcraddock@pemberton.ca

Board/Committee Appointments

  • Municipal Insurance Association of BC (MIABC)
  • Pemberton Valley Dyking District (Liasion)

Acting Mayor: September, October, November


Regular Meetings

These meetings are scheduled official meetings of Council, where the majority of the business of the corporation (the Municipality) is conducted.  It is at these meetings where issues are discussed and debated, determinations are made, and direction is given to staff. The public is encouraged to attend these meetings to learn about how the Village is working for the community.  Public input to Council may take the form of a pre-approved delegation. Learn more about Presenting to Council.

Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole is comprised of the Mayor and all members of Council, but the meetings are not considered formal Council meetings. When Council meets as Committee of the Whole, no final decisions are made but rather recommendations can be made to Council that must be considered at a properly convened Council Meeting in order to be acted on or implemented. Committee meetings provide an opportunity for Mayor and Council to discuss issues less formally and in advance of actual decision making, and to workshop ideas and proposals before being advanced to Council meetings for formal approval. Recommendations from Committee of the Whole appear on the Council meeting agenda under the Reports of Committee section. The public is encourages to attend these meetings.

In-Camera Meetings

Council and Committee meetings may be closed to the public under special circumstances pending the subject matter under discussion.  Some of the topics which may be closed to the public may include those involving receipt of advice under solicitor-client privilege, property acquisition or disposition, law enforcement matters, personnel issues, litigation, and negotiations around new services if there are confidential matters involved. Learn more about how and when items are considered In-Camera items

Special Council Meetings

These are previously unscheduled but official meetings of Council wherein the business of the corporation is conducted.  Special meetings are typically convened to address emergent topics and time sensitive issues, that either require immediate attention or have associated timelines that must be met that cannot be dealt with in the timing of regular open council meetings.  These meetings tend to focus on a singular issue and do not include provision for delegations unless the subject matter of the meeting requires it.  They are open to the public.