Fire Safety Education and Public Education

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Pemberton Fire Rescue is extremely proud of the high level of service it provides to the community. Every member is an integral part of the service, from fire and life safety education, to emergency response. Pemberton Fire Rescue is committed and dedicated to meeting the demands of our growing community.

Our Mission: Pemberton Fire Rescue is committed to providing the preservation of life and property within the Pemberton area, to promote fire safety and deliver educational programs, to cooperate with other organizations within the community in the event of an emergency.

Pemberton Fire Rescue Service has put together these tips and web links to help residents with fire safety tips. 

Please click on links for Safety Tips:

911 Emergency Service

Alarm Age Fact Sheet

Fire Escape Planning

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Prevention in Parks and wild lands

Fire Safety for Preschoolers

Fire Safety in the Workplace

High-rise & Apartment Safety

Home Exit Drills

Home Smoke Alarms

Kitchen Fire Safety

Preventing Burns in the Home

Safety Tips for Babysitters

Ten Tips to Fire Safety

For further information:

Fire Prevention Canada:

BC current fire danger class ratings:

Fire Prevention BC Fire Smart Program: