Cross Connection Control Program

Pemberton has implemented a Cross Connection Control (CCC) Bylaw No. 844, 2018. A paperless testing and compliance system is in effect and annual testing on each device is required under the Bylaw.

We use Maintenance Training Systems (MTS) to send out letters to all users with inspections that are over one year and past due. Users who are not in compliance will be subject to the timelines for compliance and/or penalties for non-compliance.

Please download the Maintenance Training Systems (MTS) instructions here.

New online testing system (FAST)

Test reports will be submitted via (Apple or Android) electronic devices such as mobile phones, iPads, laptops, etc. There is a FAST Tester annual software user registration fee of $49.99 (plus taxes).  

To register for FAST Tester, visit:

Registrars will need:

  1. Current supported version of Google Chrome (v74+); this must be used as the browser on your device.
  2. A valid credit card (MasterCard or Visa).
  3. Tester’s certification number
  4. Gauge calibration date

Each tester must register with a unique email address that will be the username

Please direct all questions to MTS:


Residential pools and hot tubs

Residential cross connection control types include items such as pools and hot tubs. Residents should be aware that pools and hot tubs that are permanently connected to the home plumbing system are direct cross connections and must be protected with a suitable backflow device. An unprotected cross connection could draw pool water and chemicals back into your household plumbing system and public water supply. When filling a pool or hot tub with a hose, never submerge the end of the hose as this is another cross connection. Always leave an air gap when filling pools, tubs, sinks or containers. Or use a backflow prevention device known as a hose connections vacuum breaker. This can be purchased at your local plumbing supply store.