Board of Variance

What is the Board of Variance?

The Board of Variance is an independent tribunal appointed by Council that considers appeals for minor variances to the Village of Pemberton Zoning Bylaw and rules on appeal applications as set out in Section 536 of the Local Government Act.

A minor variance may only be permitted if the Board finds undue hardship; and if the variance does not:

  • Result in inappropriate development of the site or adversely affect the natural environment.
  • Substantially affects the use and enjoyment of adjacent land;
  • Vary permitted uses and densities under the applicable bylaw; or
  • Defeat the intent of the applicable bylaw.

Board of Variance Members

Trevor Burton, Chair
Phill Read
Tom Fitzgerald

Drew Meredith, Former Chair, resigned May 2021 due to relocation

Call for Board of Variance Member

The Village of Pemberton is seeking a volunteer for the Board of Variance for a three year term (2021/2022/2023).

Please submit an application to

The selection will be made at a future Council meeting in 2021.

Application Process

  • Determine if your proposal is within the jurisdiction of the Board of Variance, if you are unsure please contact Development Services.
  • Contact Development Services to schedule a pre-application meeting to discuss your proposal. Staff will review the process, application submission requirements and timing.
  • Review the Board of Variance Checklist
  • Submit a completed Board of Variance Application with the required documentation and fees. Complete applications are due four weeks prior to the Board of Variance hearing. Submission of incomplete information may delay the process.
  • Attend the Board of Variance hearing to present your application.


In accordance with the Board of Variance Bylaw No. 893, 2021 the application fee is $400.00

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month, except December, at 5pm. Hearings are open to the public.

Meetings are being held virtually with all meeting participants attending via electronic communications to adhere to the Provincial Health Officer’s orders respecting physical distancing requirements as a measure to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Please note that meetings are recorded and available for viewing following the meeting. Agendas and minutes prior to 2014 can be obtained by contacting the Village at 604.894.6135 or

Join the webinar :
Webinar ID: 837 3329 3432

2021 Board of Variance Meeting Schedule

Application Deadline Meeting Date
*completed applications must be received and paid for before 4:30pm on the application deadline. January 27th - Orientation
January 27th February 24th
February 24th March 24th
March 31st April 28th
April 28th May 26th
May 26th June 23rd
June 30th July 28th
July 28th August 25th
August 25th September 22nd
September 29th October 27th
October 27th November 24th

*Meetings are held at 5pm

Download the 2021 Board of Variance Meeting Schedule

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(Please note: agendas and minutes prior to 2014 can be obtained by contacting the Village at 604.894.6135 or
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Additional Questions

What if I have a complaint about the process or a Board of Variance decision?

A decision made by the Board of Variance is final. However, judicial review of Board decisions is available through the Judicial Review Procedure Act. Judicial review may occur when it is suspected that the Board exceeds its jurisdiction, breaches the rules of procedural fairness in reaching its decision, or makes an unreasonable decision.

What type of applications can be brought to the Board of Variance?

Within BOV Jurisdiction:

A property owner may apply to the BOV for a minor variance if they feel compliance with the following would cause them undue hardship:

  • Variance of zoning regulation relating to the size, dimensions on siting of buildings or structures;
  • Structural addition of non-conforming buildings and structures;
  • Relaxation of certain limited subdivision servicing requirements;
  • Determination of the percentage of destruction of a non-conforming building or structure (a matter relevant to whether it can be rebuilt); and
  • Variance of certain tree protection requirements.

Outside of BOV Jurisdiction:

The BOV must not make an order that would do any of the following:  

  • Conflict with a registered covenant or Section 219 of the Land Title Act
  • Deal with a matter that is covered in a permit or land use contract;
  • Deal with a flood plan specification;
  • Apply to a property where authorization for Heritage Conservation alterations are required;
  • Apply to a property where Heritage Conservation is scheduled or contains a feature or characteristic of Heritage Conservation;
  • Apply to a property where a Heritage Revitalization Agreement is in effect

Additional Questions?