Development Permits

The Provincial Government has provided municipal councils with the ability to regulate certain aspects of a development that are not directly addressed in the Zoning Bylaw or the Building Bylaw. For instance, for commercial development, the Council can establish guidelines for the general type of exterior finish of the buildings and landscapes features, and then require that all proposals meet these guidelines. Once the council is satisfied that a proposal would satisfy all the guidelines that have been established, a Development Permit can then be issued.

A Development Permit is not a Building Permit. Once you have obtained your Development Permit, you can then apply for a Building Permit.

For more information on Development Permits, visit the Development Permits section on Licences and Permits Page

Building Permits

The Provincial Government, through the Community Charter and BC Building Regulations, has granted municipalities the power to regulate the construction of buildings and structures and the installation of plumbing, electrical and gas services. Municipalities therefore issue Building Permits as a means of regulating construction to ensure compliance with the applicable Municipal bylaws and Provincial regulations. To ensure that buildings are constructed and facilities are installed in accordance with appropriate regulations, municipalities have also been empowered to undertake inspections.

For more information on Building Permits, visit the Building Permits section on Licences and Permits Page.

Energy Step Code

Effective January 1, 2020, new Part 9 residential buildings are required to meet Step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code.