Fire Inspection Guidelines

Making sure buildings are free from fire hazards isn't just common sense - it's the law. As building owners and commercial tenants you have a responsibility to fulfill certain requirements under the British Columbia Fire Code.

To help you understand your responsibilities, Pemberton Fire Rescue Service has put together reference material booklets. Each booklet is directed towards a specific industry or occupancy. Review the booklet that pertains to your building usage and prepare for your next inspection.

Reference Materials

Information for Fire Safety and You

General information for building owners and commercial tenants including the five most common code violations.

Information for Daycare inspections

Fire Code requirements for daycare and preschool facilities.

Information for Manufacturing Inspections

Fire Code requirements for manufacturing and production facilities.

Information for Assembly Inspections

Fire Code requirements for places of worship, nightclubs, pubs, community halls, libraries and restaurants.

Information for Hospital Inspections

Fire Code requirements for hospitals, health care facilities and residential care facilities.

Information for Office Inspections

Fire Code requirements for low-rise and high-rise office buildings, professional centers and government office buildings.

Information and Guidance for B&B and Self Catering Establishments

Fire Code requirements for B & B,s or small self-catering establishments

Information for Cooking at Special Events

Fire code requirements for cooking at special events, Festivals and for self-catering trucks.

If your occupancy/building type requires a Fire Safety Plan, you should review the Fire Safety Plan Guidelines for 2014 from the Fire Prevention Officer's Association of British Columbia.