Village of Pemberton Funding Opportunities

The Village of Pemberton is committed to fostering a healthy and engaged community. The Village has several grant programs to assist local community groups with initiatives related to sports, recreation, education, arts and culture and special events. Each program has different objectives; click on each funding stream below to learn more.  

Community Enhancement Fund

Apply to the Community Enhancement Fund Program

Applications may be submitted throughout the year.  Grant funding is subject to available funds.  

The following provides the criteria and process for applications to the Community Enhancement Fund Program (CEF) also known as Grant-in-Aid (GIA).

Grant Objective

The Community Enhancement Fund (CEF) will provide funding to not-for-profit organizations, entities or Societies based within the Village of Pemberton that are considered by Council to be contributing to the general interest and benefit of  its residents in the following areas:

  • Sports, Recreation and Education
  • Arts and Culture, or
  • Special Events.


The funds available for grants are limited and may not be sufficient to fund all requests for grants made in any one year.  Grants will be awarded at Council's discretion and will be authorized by Council resolution.

As such, Council has established the following priorities:

a)         non-profit groups and/or activities which either promote the Village of Pemberton; or

b)         benefit a large number of Pemberton residents; or

c)         involve participation of a large number of Pemberton residents; or

d)        others as authorized by statute.

Applications or events that have secured additional funding through fundraising or own initiative will be given priority.

Application Process

1)  All applications must be filled in on the Schedule 1 application form provided.

2)  All applications must be accompanied by a copy of your organization's current year's budget and/or event budget that includes revenues and expenses and discloses how the grant will be spent.

3)  The annual budget approval is not considered as a grant-in-aid approval.

4)  All applicants must be available to attend the Council meeting at which the request is being considered  or consideration may be deferred until a future council meeting.

5) All applicants will be notified regarding approval status, and once approved; successful applicants will receive funding within approximately two weeks of approval date.

6)  A follow up process and evaluation procedure will be implemented. This process will require a report from the recipient regarding the success of the project along with funding revenues and expenditures to be submitted within 90 days of project completion. Formal agreements may also be necessary, depending on the nature of the application and if Council deems it necessary.

7)  Funding may be released at intervals based on progress and presentation of reports and invoices as agreed between the Village and the applicant.

8)   Requests for funds are reviewed on a submission by submission basis and are not to be considered by applicants as an automatic, on-going source of annual funding. Renewals or increases in funding are not automatic.

Funding Criteria

Funding will be considered for Village organizations providing sports, recreation and education, arts and culture, and special event services in any of the following:

  • New Programs
  • Expansion of current programs
  • Leadership development
  • New or expanded special events
  • Special projects

For all grants, applicants must:

  1. Be a resident of the Village of Pemberton.
  2. Be available to attend the council meeting at which the request is being considered.
  3. Must have evidence of support, including letters of support and evidence of participation numbers.
  4. Have identified a need in the community.
  5. Must be unique in nature - not duplicating services already provided in the community, unless a demand can be demonstrated.
  6. Have a detailed budget and time line and show long term benefit to the community.
  7. Funds may not be used for honorariums, wages, or other professional fees.
  8. Provide their most recent annual financial statements and up-to-date financial information (i.e current balance sheet and income statement) supporting the request for funding.
  9. Non-compliance with any or part of this policy may disqualify the applicant from future grant consideration.

Specific Criteria

  1. Applicants must be a club, group or Society that have been in operation for a minimum of one season, and have a bank account in the name of the club, group or Society.
  2. Applicants must demonstrate a need and the benefit of their application.
  3. Applicants must provide a detailed budget and time frame for the funds applied for.
  4. Applicants are encouraged to use the funds for leverage for other grants or funding applications. Priority will be given to applications with in kind funding from other sources. Applicants can use funds for travel to Zone, Regional, Provincial or National level events in amateur sports, recreation or sporting activity or competition.
  5. Send a one-page outline of how the grant money is to be used.
  6. Applicants must show in kind funding for the project, or be using the funds as leverage for other grants.
  7. Applicants are encouraged to attend a Council meeting or provide in writing a report that can be presented to Council describing how the grant money was used after the event/project has concluded.
  8. Include a report, signed by the President or Treasurer attesting to the accuracy and completeness, which reflects the spending of the grant funds within (90 days) of the completion of the project or purpose to which the grant funds were approved.
  9. Under special extenuating conditions, Council shall have the discretion to waive any of the above terms.

 Download the Grant-in-Aid Policy

Village of Pemberton Bursary

Complete the Village of Pemberton Bursary Application

The Village of Pemberton Bursary is a financial award of $3000 which recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding citizenship, leadership, volunteerism and who intend to pursue post secondary education.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the Village of Pemberton Bursary, students must fulfill the following criteria:

  • be a resident of the Village of Pemberton
  • be graduating from Pemberton Secondary School the year of application
  • be entering part-time or full-time first-year studies at a post-secondary institution
  • demonstrate leadership, involvement in extra-curricular and community activities, and sound academic record.

Completed applications are due April 30 of the graduating year.

The successful applicant will be required to submit:

  • proof of acceptance to a post secondary institution
  • brief biographical outline for publication in Village media
  • a Letter of Experience (to be submitted after the student's first year of studies).

Decision Make Criteria

Council will review the applications at an In Camera Meeting following the submission deadline and award the Bursary based on established selection criteria. Village Staff will inform Pemberton Secondary School Administration of Council's decision two weeks prior to the Pemberton Secondary School Graduation Ceremony. A Village representative will present the award at the Pemberton High School Graduation Ceremony. The Bursary will be conditional upon students receiving acceptance to a post secondary institution.

To avoid a perceived conflict of interest, Council members with children who have made application for the Bursary may choose to excuse themselves from the In Camera meeting when the applications are considered.

Should Council be in a position where they are unable to agree upon a single, clear recipient of the award based upon the above criteria, Council reserves the right to split the total value of the award between two successful recipients.

Student Application Form

Please fill out this application carefully according to the instructions given. If additional room is required, you may attach up to two (2) extra sheets and include them with your application.

As per the Application Criteria, please ensure you submit the following with this application:

  • completed online application
  • academic transcripts for Grades 11 and 12
  • a cover letter detailing your career goals
  • two letters of reference attesting to your character and providing reasons to support consideration of your application (from coach, teacher, instructor, supervisor, employer, community group leader etc).

Other Local Funding Opportunities

The Pemberton Valley Utilities and Services Committee (PVUS) annually distributes funds to support community recreation, social and cultural activities throughout Pemberton and Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) Electoral Area C.

All organizations who receive this funding are not for profit organizations, community groups, entities or societies based within the regional area of Pemberton that are considered by PVUS to be contributing to the general interest and benefit of its residents. Applications from commercial / for profit ventures will not be considered.

Contact the SLRD to learn more about the fund.