Field/ Park Request Application Form

(i.e. Soccer, Softball, etc.)

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Note: Premises means the space identified above which the Customer proposes to rent.
The Village of Pemberton makes no warranties or representations respecting the suitability or
condition of the Premises.
1. The Customer is responsible for inspecting the Premises prior to use and monitoring the Premises during use to ensure that it is safe, adequate and appropriate for the intended event/activity.
2. The Customer accepts the Premises as is and will use at its own risk.
3. The Customer will use the Premises for the purpose set out above, will provide adequate supervision of participants and attendees for the duration of the rental activity and will be present during the entire approved rental activity.
4. The Customer will pay fees for the use of the Premises in accordance with the Pemberton and District Recreation Services Fees and Charges Bylaw, as amended from time to time.
5. The Customer will abide by the Pemberton and District Recreation Service Parks and Open Spaces Regulatory Bylaw, as amended from time to time.
6. The Customer is responsible for ensuring the event/activity occurring on the Premises: (a) is conducted in a safe and orderly manner; (b) is restricted to the Premises: and (c) does not interfere with others.
7. The Customer is responsible for any property damage which occurs during the facility use, set-up or takedown and will immediately report any damage to the Premises or other property to the VOP, who will assess damage and invoice repair costs to the Customer. The VOP reserves the right to require a refundable damage deposit, depending on the nature of the event/activity or damage having previously occurred.
8. The Customer is responsible for reporting within 24 hours following any accident or incident that occurred on or near the VOP premises whenever medical/first aid attention is required.
9. The Customer will leave the Premises clean and free of litter, failing which the Customer may be billed for cleaning costs.
10. The Customer will not install / display any interior or exterior signage without the prior written consent of the VOP and in accordance with any conditions that the VOP may impose with such consent.
11. The VOP reserves the right to cancel the Customer's subsequent bookings if property damage, unruly behaviour or littering has previously occurred or if community complaints are received.
12. The VOP reserves the right to cancel or alter rentals or room assignments and the VOP is not responsible for any associated costs or damages incurred by the Customer or others.
13. The Customer is responsible for materials and equipment brought on site and for removing such items upon completion of the rental. The VOP is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, or for damage to any equipment brought on the Premises.
14. The Customer will, at its own expense, carry throughout the rental period comprehensive general liability insurance providing coverage for death, bodily injury, property loss and damage, and all other losses arising out of or in connection with the Customer's use of the VOP's properties related to this Agreement in an amount determined by the VOP.
15. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the Premises, unless a liquor license is in effect and prior written approval of the VOP has been obtained.
16. No commercial activity is permitted without prior written approval of the VOP and proper permits
secured. If the Customer intends to provide food on the Premises, the Customer must in advance: (a) obtain the VOP's written approval; and (b) provide proof of insurance an applicable food permit.
17. The Customer will release, indemnify and save harmless the SLRD and the Village of Pemberton, [and in respect of the Pemberton Meadows and Signal Hill site, School District No. 48 (Sea to Sky)] and their respective directors; mayor and councillors/trustees, officers, employees, volunteers, successors and assigns from and against any and all liabilities, actions, damages, claims, losses, costs and expenses whatsoever (including, without limitation, the full amount of all legal fees and disbursements) in any way directly or indirectly arising out of or caused, in whole or in part, by the Customer and participants in relation to the Customer's use in accordance with these terms and conditions, as determined by a court of competent jurisdiction.