About the Downtown Enhancement Plan

Rehabilitating Pemberton's downtown core is a locally and regionally significant initiative that will consist of essential upgrades to failing infrastructure and key improvements related to roads, sidewalks, waterlines, stormwater and street lighting. The proposed project scope includes:

  • rehabilitating downtown roads and sidewalks using recycled asphalt from Frontier, Aster and Prospect Streets, where possible;
  • reducing the impervious surfaces to allow for stormwater infiltration and reduced overall runoff;
  • decommissioning the AC watermain and replacing it with PVC piping;
  • creating a downtown stormwater system focused on green infrastructure, such as infiltration swales and recycling of runoff for irrigation purposes; and
  • improving pedestrian safety by installing LED street lighting. 
  • Beautifying downtown with the addition of greenspace and trees

The proposed project will address the following issues:

  • Presently the highly used roads in our downtown core are suffering from potholes, significant crack failures, visible patches and rutting.
  • Sidewalks are very narrow and uneven in some sections, and completely absent in others. This poses a safety hazard as it forces pedestrians onto the road, increasing the risk of a pedestrian and vehicle collision.
  • The potential for a failure of the waterlines represents a significant financial cost to the Village with respect to any associated emergency repairs and revenue losses within the community related to property damage and interruption of business.
  • The waterlines provide inadequate fireflows, which is a safety concern from a risk management perspective.
  • The current stormwater system is ill equipped to manage the seasonal flows in our valley, which is prone to occasional flooding.


Investing in the rehabilitation and revitalization of Pemberton's downtown core will create a welcoming and vibrant space, encourage investment, support our existing businesses and accommodate future growth and development. Meanwhile, investing in the replacement of our aging infrastructure with innovative stormwater technologies, such as redirecting and recycling runoff for irrigation purposes, allowing for infiltration swales and expanding permeable surfacing will assist in preparing for the imminent impacts of climate change.

The concept and scope were informed by the Downtown Enhancement Strategy and Frontier Street Master Plan.