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Message from Mayor Richman

Posted on December 18, 2020

And here we are...December.

It's crazy, even in a pandemic Christmas and the holiday season creeps up on me faster than I expect! Here we are though, and as we are all aware, many of us can’t celebrate it the way we'd like to - by a long shot. While we are so limited in whom we can celebrate with it remains important to remember to connect with our friends and loved ones. Let’s find ways to celebrate each other and show our affection, be it virtually, over the phone, a distanced conversation in the street or through the goodwill of the season. It has been a long, difficult year and around us people have suffered loss. My heart is heavy for you. Let us all remember to reach out and check in with those that are struggling with loss, isolation or hardship. Let us discover and find new ways to spread and find joy and connection.

Then there’s the new year - 2021. There are a lot of hopes pinned on 2021.

We have shown ourselves to be a compassionate community throughout all of this, with our willingness to care for one another and keep each other safe through kind actions and words. Like everyone I can’t wait to be looking at this pandemic in the rearview mirror. I think we will realize we have been part of a significant piece of history and that here, in our valley, our story will show incredible compassion, warmth, affection and amazing community fabric.

Right now my wish for all of you is to find ways to enjoy the spirit of your holidays and to share and enjoy the people in your lives in one way or another through your holiday celebrations and into the New Year.

To all of you and all of yours I wish you the very best.


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