OR 134 Redwoods - Official Community Plan Amendment & Zoning Bylaw Amendment

Sasha Rasovic, Agent for the landowner on behalf 1309325 BC LTD has applied for an amendment to the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw to allow the development of 134 new units. The Development proposes a rezoning from the current RR1 zone to a new Comprehensive Development Zone. The proposal includes Multi Family Townhouses with garages, and Stacked Townhouses on a Parkade with Residential Amenities and Neighborhood Commercial space.

Location: 7374 Pemberton Farm Road East

Legal Lot Description: Lot 5 District Lot 211 Lillooet District Plan EPP21848 PID 028-961-102

Please use the links below to review components of the application or view the combined application. Note * this application has not been deemed complete. Additional documents will be required as the application progresses.

Application Components:
1. Application Forms
2. Concept Architectural Drawings
3. Project Rationale 
4. Landscaping Plans
5. Site Disclosure Statement
6. Land Title

Contact the Developer
Agent, Sasha Rasovic

Further Questions? 
Please email developmentservices@pemberton.ca 

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