Policies and Plans

The following policies and plans aim to guide and plan any development and growth within the Village of Pemberton. 

For more information, contact development services at developmentservices@pemberton.ca.

Age-Friendly Affordable Housing Action Plan

The Pemberton Age-Friendly Affordable Housing Action Plan, 2019, seeks to create an "inclusive and age-friendly community that has a full range of affordable housing types and tenures for current and future residents of all incomes, ages, lifestyles and abilities".  


Download the Age-Friendly Affordable Housing Action Plan.



Community Climate Action Plan

The Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP) was developed by the Village of Pemberton in collaboration with the Community Energy Association (CEA).

The CCAP carves a path towards a low carbon future, one in which residents thrive in a connected, healthy, and prosperous community and act collaboratively and individually to address the challenges of climate change.

The development of the Village of Pemberton CCAP included extensive research, analysis, modelling and engagement with the community. The CCAP identifies priority areas for actions to reduce community-wide GHG emissions. The CCAP focuses on lowering emissions created from local transportation, buildings and waste by applying six “Big Moves”.

The six "Big Moves" are: 

  1. Shift Beyond the Car
  2. Electrify Passenger Transportation
  3. Step Up New Buildings
  4. Decarbonize Existing Buildings
  5. Close the Loop on Waste
  6. Organizational Leadership

Download the Community Climate Action Plan.

Cycling Network Plan

The purpose of the Pemberton Cycling Network Plan is to make cycling in Pemberton safe, comfortable and convenient for residents and visitors of all ages and abilities. The plan establishes a long term vision for cycling in the Village. 

Download the Pemberton Cycling Network Plan.


Housing Needs Report

In 2019, the Local Government Act mandated housing needs reports to assess current and anticipated housing needs. The report is based off data and trend analysis to help increase local awareness of the state of housing in communities and inform plans and policies.

On June 20, 2023, the Housing Needs Report for the Village of Pemberton was presented to Council and released to the public. 

Download the Housing Needs Report 2023


Official Community Plan

Official Community Plan
Official Community Plan

What is an Official Community Plan (OCP)?

  • A local bylaw, prepared and adopted within the statutory provisions of the Local Government Act;
  • Statements of objectives and policies to guide; decisions on planning and land use management;
  • The OCP must include statements and map designations related to anticipated housing needs, and the following land uses: commercial, industrial, institutional, agricultural, recreational, public utility, sand and gravel deposits, hazardous or environmentally sensitive lands, major road and servicing systems, and public facilities;
  • The OCP must also include policies related to affordable housing, rental housing and special needs housing as well as include targets to greenhouse gas emissions for the area covered by the plan;
  • It is intended to reflect a broad community consensus of opinion for the future development and growth of the community over a five to ten year period.

Download and review the updated Official Community Plan Document

Download the Official Community Plan Maps (Maps A-O)

Download the Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendments