Please be advised, in an effort to minimize spread of the virus the Pemberton Terminal Facility at CYPS remains closed to the public.

Card lock fuel sales will remain open and portapotties have been put in place outside the Pemberton Terminal Facility for use by visitors to the Airport.


Village of Pemberton Airport Establishment, Operations and Fees Bylaw

The Pemberton Airport has over 400 landings a year with most of the volume occurring in August. Users are typically fire and rescue vehicles, commercial activity companies, gliders, local aircraft and helicopter companies.

The Pemberton Airport accepts fixed wing and rotocraft vehicles. There are no lights towers or navigational assistance. The airport includes a Pilots Room and washrooms, located inside the Terminal Building. Hours of operation are 8am to 5pm.

Jet A and 100LL Aviation Gas (Avgas) are both available at the Pemberton Airport through a fully automated (Debit, Credit) cardlock system. The cardlock system allows 24-7 access to fuel services. If assistance is required please contact Blackcomb Helicopters at 604-894-5153 to arrange. 

Please note that in winter months (November to April) there is limited access and the runway and taxiway are not cleared on a regular basis rather only if Village resources are available and there is an extended good weather window (no snow/rain). Arrangements may be made to have the runway cleared at a cost.

For information, please contact the Village Office at 604-894-6135 ext 228 or

Lease Lots:

The Village currently has two lease lots identified and available for lease to accommodate private hangars. For information please contact the Village Office at 604.894.6135 or

Read more about flying into CYPS-Pemberton.


Jet A and 100LL Aviation Gas (Avgas) are now available at the Pemberton Airport through a fully automated (Debit, Credit) cardlock system that allows for unlimited hours of operation, 7 days a week.  

If you require assistance please contact Blackcomb Helicopters at 604-894-5153.  

Current and Upcoming NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen)


June 2, 2020 | NOTAM Issued for Pemberton Regional Airport (CYPS) 

Please be advised that a NOTAM has been filed to inform all airport users of large poles located adjacent to the East Taxiway.  These have been installed for Blackcomb Helicopters Hydro Training Facility and are not yet marked or lighted. 

The poles are a permanent installation and the NOTAM will remain in effect until the Canadian Flight Supplement has been issued with this information in it. 




Before operating a drone near the Pemberton Regional Airport, please ensure you have reviewed the requirements for flying your drone safely and legally. Visit Transport Canada's Drone Safety page for information on the Federal Government's  regulations around operating drones, finding your category of drone operation, registering your drone, fines, and safety tips. 

The Village asks that drone operators contact the Village Office in advance of operating any drone in proximity to the Pemberton Regional Airport. This will ensure the appropriate safety measures have been taken and that airport users have been informed of drone activity.

The safety of our airport users, including fire and rescue vehicles, commercial activity companies, gliders, fixed wing aircraft, and helicopters is of the utmost importance. 


Contact the Village Office: 604-894-6135 ext. 228 or 

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