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Public Notice | Alternative Approval Process Opportunity for Village of Pemberton Electors

Posted on February 14, 2024

The Village of Pemberton Council proposes to adopt the following bylaw:

Triple Combination Pumper Truck Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 954, 2023

 This bylaw will authorize the Village of Pemberton to borrow up to $853,754 to be repaid over a maximum term of 20 years. The funds borrowed would be used to purchase a triple combination pumper truck to replace the Village’s aging Engine Ten in alignment with National Fire Protection Association standards and Fire Underwriters Survey requirements.

The estimated impact on a municipal taxpayer owning a $1,000,000 home would be up to $38.24 per year.

The bylaw may be inspected at the Village office at 7400 Prospect Street during normal business hours from February16 to March 25, 2024, or on the Village website at pemberton.ca.

Council may proceed with the bylaw unless, by the deadline of 4:00pm on March 25, 2024, at least 10% of the eligible electors of the Village of Pemberton indicate that Council must obtain consent of the electors before proceeding. The number of elector responses that must be obtained to prevent Council from proceeding with the bylaw is 294.

Elector responses must be given on the elector response form established by Council, available at pemberton.ca, at the Village office, or by sending a request by email to admin@pemberton.ca.

Only eligible electors of the Village of Pemberton may sign the forms. An eligible elector is a person who meets the following criteria: is a Canadian citizen; is at least 18 years of age; has resided in British Columbia for at least six months; is not disqualified from voting; and resides in the Village of Pemberton or meets the qualifications of a non-resident property owner as set out in section 66 of the Local Government Act.

Questions? Please contact the Village at 604-894-6135 or by email at admin@pemberton.ca.


Gwendolyn Kennedy
Corporate Officer

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