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Message from Mayor Richman

Posted on June 27, 2021

Who knew that living in such a beautiful place came with weather issues like extreme heat and river levels rising? I feel like a broken record here – I am again blown away about how this community comes together. There are people offering help, places to stay, livestock support, pet sitting, local Red Cross volunteers sorting out displaced folks, hotels, restaurants, SLRD and VoP staff – we are surrounded by support, caring and action. 

For some of us this is round 2, 3, 4 with flood risk and for others, this is new. It is stressful no matter where you are on that spectrum. Stay away from high water folks, stay safe and please click on credible links when looking for updates, I’ve attached some here in the hope that the technical data helps frame some of what is going on and how it’s being monitored. Updates are also available at pemberton.ca and on the Village’s Facebook page

As always, call if you need. 604-966-6309 and if you text – add your name.

Stay safe, Pemberton. 


Pemberton Valley Dyking District

BC River Forecast Centre

CLEVER Model 10-day Forecast

Flood Warnings and Advisories

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