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Fougberg Park | Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on February 21, 2019

February 21, 2019

  1. Has the Village considered the historical importance of the Park? Was this Park dedicated?

The Village has owned this land since 1972 and acknowledges and respects the historical importance of this Park as it was the original home of the Pemberton & District Museum and Archives, of which Margaret Fougberg was the founding curator, until 1995.  Mrs. Fougberg and her husband Thord (Slim) Fougberg were instrumental in shaping Pemberton in the early years.

Although this greenspace has been referred to as ‘Fougberg Park’ for many years, after searching Village records, it was discovered that this was a colloquial naming only, as it was never officially dedicated. 

To honour these important Village pioneers, the Village is exploring the formal dedication of the green space at the front of the site along Prospect Street which will include placement of interpretive signage.  The Village has also heard suggestions of renaming Pioneer Park to Fougberg Park, or dedicating and naming the greenspace in front of the museum ‘Fougberg Park’. 

  1. Why does the Village want to convert a Park into a parking lot?

During preliminary discussions with the business community in the Fall, regarding the downtown enhancement project, concern was raised about the lack of parking in the downtown specifically on the south of Birch Street.  Downtown businesses felt that the net loss of parking should be addressed by the Village.  Staff reviewed options but were limited to considering only Village-owned lands. 

As a Village-owned property that has been recognized as underutilized in the Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan the Village felt that the space could be improved by enhancing the street front portion of the Park (such as the trees and picnic table) that is most appealing to the public, and converting the remainder of the land to some additional parking for Downtown. These changes would increase utilization of the land and maintain the street front area of the Park, thus reducing underutilization and discouraging anti-social behaviour.

  1. When did this first come to Council? When did Council make this decision?

The concept of utilizing a portion of Fougberg Park for parking was first presented to the Committee of the Whole, at their meeting held August 28, 2018, at which 10 members of the business community were in attendance.  Specifically, the discussion took place respecting the potential loss of parking, specifically on the south side of Birch Street, as being a primary concern for business owners. 

To view the Committee of the Whole minutes and a summary of Business Community comments please click on the following link: https://www.pemberton.ca/public/download/documents/52601

The decision to direct Staff to proceed with development of a parking lot at Fougberg Park was made at the Regular Council meeting held on February 5, 2019. 

This authorization from Council now allows Staff to begin the formal and procedural steps in order to undertake the project, such as a Development Permit.

Links to the agenda package and minutes are below:

Agenda Package:  https://www.pemberton.ca/public/download/documents/59918

Minutes: https://www.pemberton.ca/public/download/documents/68249

  1. Will the parking lot affect the Village’s drinking water well?

UPDATED: The well located at Fougberg Park is a back-up well and is not the main source of drinking water for the Village. However, the Village has retained a Hydrologist to review the plan and advise if this initiative would result in any impacts to the well.

  1. I don’t see any accessible parking spots and the stalls do not appear to be to Village standards? Will an accessible parking stall be considered? Will the parking stalls be made larger?

Yes.  Although accessible parking stalls were not indicated in the conceptual design, the final design will include at least one (1) accessible parking stall as per the Village’s Zoning Bylaw requirements and the stalls will be designed to the Village’s parking stall standard.  The parking lot will also offer some parking spaces for small vehicles only.

  1. Will the Village be removing all the trees from Fougberg Park?

No.  The old growth trees will not be removed.  There is one small tree and four cedar hedges that would need to be removed and the Village would find a new suitable home for them if possible.

  1. Will there be any greenspace preserved?

Yes.  The Village will not be paving the entire site rather only a portion of it to accommodate up to 16 parking spaces.  The Village intends to improve the front portion along Prospect Street, including landscape improvements to make a more welcoming and enriched greenspace.

  1. How many spots will the parking lot include?

It is proposed that the new parking lot could accommodate up to 16 stalls but that will be better determined once the design is finalized.

  1. Will the parking lot be paved?

Yes the parking lot will be paved and delineated.

  1. When will this project begin?

It is anticipated that the Development Permit process would begin in Spring, 2019.

  1. Is this project a part of the downtown enhancement project?

No.  The scope of the downtown enhancement project only considers road, water, stormwater and sidewalk improvements on Aster, Frontier, Prospect and Birch Streets. The Fougberg parking lot project was proposed to Council as an option to address the parking concerns from the downtown businesses with respect to the downtown enhancement project.  It should be noted, that the goal of the downtown enhancement project is to improve walkability of the downtown core, to replace critical aging infrastructure (water lines and roads), and to properly divert and treat stormwater. 

  1. Was this project part of the Village’s 2009 Downtown Enhancement Strategy?

                This project, while not specifically contemplated as part of the 2009 Downtown Enhancement     Strategy, meets with the following principles of that Strategy:

  • Great, focused and designed open spacesby enhancing the green space bordering Prospect Street with additional landscaping, planters and improvements, the Village will activate this area, by promoting community use, and discouraging anti-social behaviour;
  • Appropriate Parking and Transit FacilitiesCreating a public parking lot in this area improves opportunities for concentrated and visible parking in this area of downtown;
  • Economically VibrantAdding additional public parking in the downtown helps support and sustain the local business community while meeting the needs of residents and visitors;
  • Share Pemberton’s Authentic IdentityOfficially dedicating the improved, albeit condensed, greenspace as Fougberg Park gives the Village the opportunity to create a memorial space and interpretive signage in the downtown core to better tell the community’s story by reflecting on who we are.
  1. Where is funding coming from for the improvement of this greenspace and parking lot?

Funding for this project is being provided from Parking-in-Lieu payments – funds directly collected from Businesses that are unable to facilitate off-street parking requirements on their premises.  Taxpayer dollars will not be expended for this project.  

  1. In the Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan, Fougberg Park has been identified as a ‘key park in downtown enhancement’ for its heritage and location. Should this not be considered?

This has been considered. The Parks and Open Spaces Master plan also recognized Fougberg Park as feeling neglected and underutilized and the proposed improvements will address some of its current downfalls to make it a more utilized and attractive space.

It should also be noted that the Art Barn and the Pemberton Valley Dyking District (PVDD) are heritage buildings and are located on a separate private lot adjacent Fougberg Park owned by the PVDD.


  1. Is the Village providing parking for exclusive use of neighbouring businesses?

No.  This proposed small parking lot will be for general public use and ownership will be retained by the Village. No one business will have exclusivity to these parking spaces.

  1. What are the next steps?

As the property owner, Council has provided direction to Staff to proceed with the development of a parking lot in Fougberg Park.  The Village will be preparing a Major Development Permit application and signage will be erected on the site to inform citizens of the project. The application will be reviewed by internal and external stakeholders and the Village’s Advisory Design Review Commission.  A public information meeting will be held to share the final design and seek public input before the application is considered by Council.

  1. The Park is currently zoned Parks and Recreation 1 (PR-1). Will the Park need to be rezoned to be a Parking lot?

Adding a public parking lot to a property zoned PR-1 does not require a rezoning application.  Many Village parks that are also zoned PR-1 include public parking, including One Mile Lake Park, Underhill Park and Al Staehli Park.

  1. How can I express my opinion with respect to this project to the Village?

You may write a letter or an email addressed to Mayor and Council and either send it via post PO Box 100, Pemberton BC V0N 2L0, email admin@pemberton.ca or drop it off at the Village Office at 7400 Prospect Street. Please be aware that correspondence sent to Mayor and Council must be submitted via the above methods, and should be clearly addressed ‘To Mayor and Council’.   As per the Village’s Social Media Policy, the Village does not respond to correspondence on third party Facebook pages. 

As mentioned above, through the development permit process, a public information meeting will be held to share the final design and seek public input before the application is considered by Council.

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