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Chair of the Next Generation Arrives in Council Chambers

Posted on April 10, 2024
During yesterday's council meeting, the Village of Pemberton Council had the honor of receiving a remarkable creation from our local high school students. This unique chair is not just a piece of furniture, but a powerful symbol of our community's commitment to sustainability and the active involvement of our younger generation in shaping our future.
The Chair of the Next Generation project, an initiative of Mères au front, challenged students to transform a locally recovered chair using recycled materials and reflect on what sustainability in our town means to them. The result is a stunning testament to their creativity, ingenuity, and dedication to building a more sustainable future for everyone in our community.
At the Village, we are deeply committed to community engagement and sustainability, and the Chair of the Next Generation project aligns with these values. This chair will remain in Council Chambers as a reminder of the importance that the voices of our youth are not only heard but also valued and actively considered in the governance of our community.
We extend our gratitude to the talented students who brought this project to life and to everyone who supported them along the way. Together, we will continue to work hand in hand to create a more vibrant, resilient, inclusive, and sustainable community for generations to come!

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