Current Development Applications

Below is a listing of the current Development Applications.  This list will be updated quarterly.  

Chart Legend

DP: Development Permit  DVP: Development Variance Permit  SO: Subdivision
BoV: Board of Variance DPM: Minor Development Permit  OR: Zoning Amendment
TUP:  Temporary Use Permit  SAP: Site Alteration Permit

Application # Project Status Related Documents
DP008 Crestline, 36 Stacked Townhouses | 1422, 1426 & 1430 Portage Road  In Process  2018.01.16 - Report to Council | DP008 & DVP118
DP011 Pemberton Mobile Home Park Ltd) - 18 new Pads | 7370 Highway 99 In Process  
DP016 Wye Lands - Combined Commercial Residential Development Received 12.19.19; In Process  
DPm113 7423 Frontier Street - Exterior facade Upgrades to add Cannabis Retail & additional hotel rooms at grade Received 01.25.19; In Process  
SO52 - Phase 1 Sunstone - 21 Lot Subdivision Completed 01.05.2019  
SO70 1931 Timberlane Road - 3 Lot Subdivision In Process  
SO71 1368 Fernwood Street, 4 Lot Subdivision In Process  
SO73 - Phase 1b Sunstone - 25 Lot Subdivision TAL Issued - In Process  
SO74 1351 Cedar Street – Lot Split In Process  
SO75 1350 Aster Street, SLRD/VOP Split In Process  
DVP123 Sunstone Ridge, Phase 1B, Road C - Road Standards In progress  
TUP009 1394 Portage Road, Coffee Truck Received 03.28.19; In Process


Site Plan

Landscape Plan


DVP126 McDonald's Changeable Copy Sign, 1441 Vine Road In progress  Information