Current Development Applications

Below is a listing of the current Development Applications.  This list will be updated monthly.

Chart Legend

ALC: Application for non farm use BoV:Board of Variance DP: Development Permit DPM: Minor Development Permit
DVP: Development Variance Permit OR: Official Community Plan/ Zoning Bylaw Amendment TUP:  Temporary Use Permit  SAP: Site Alteration Permit SO: Subdivision

Status Legend:
Application Submitted:
A formal application has been submitted and received
In Process:
The application and permit process is underway
Authorized for Issuance: 
Permit has been approved for Issuance
Application Expired: Lack of activity on this application had led to expiry

Application # Project Status Related Documents
ALC2022-1 Non-Farm Use Application - 1641 Airport Road Application Denied by ALC - File Closed did not proceed  
DP086 Wye Lands - Prospect Street Application Expired  
DP88 Co-Living - 7340 Crabapple Crt Application Submitted Application not yet available for viewing 
DP89 The Aspect - 1422-1430 Portage Road -58 Units Apartment Building Authorized for Issuance  
DP90 Tenquille Building - 7454 Prospect Street - Mixed Commercial & Residential Authorized for Issuance View the Electronic Counter Copy
DP93 SSCS Affordable Housing - Harrow Road In Process See OR136
DPm122 7374 Pemberton Farm Road East - Land Constraints In Process  
DVP125 Harmony Reach - Tandem Parking and Road Works Specifications In process  
OR131 SD93 French School In Process  
OR133 Skénkenam Developments_NKWUKWMA Benchlands In Process View the application documents
OR134 7374 Pemberton Farm Road East - Redwoods In Process  
OR135 7362 Pemberton Farm Road East - Parkside Application Submitted

View the application documents

OR136 SSCS Affordable Housing - Harrow Road In Process

View the application documents

OR137 Sanctuary Townhomes - Pemberton Meadows Road  In Process

View the application documents

SAP 2022-18 1780 Pinewood Drive Issued  
SO71 1368 Fernwood Street, 4 Lot Subdivision In Process  
SO76 1400 Oak Street – PSS Lot Split In Process  
SO82 Sunstone Phase 3A- 1 Lot In Process  
SO83 Sunstone Phase 3 - 9 Lots In Process  
TUP10 Tisdale RV Storage Application Expired  

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