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Water Sampling Instructions

Posted on April 24, 2016

Click here to view/open the PDF version.

Sample Bottle Examples:

The sample ID on the bottle must match the sample ID on the Chain Of Custody (CoC) Form exactly. The CoC is a legal document, and the information on it takes precedence, but it is important that the bottle labels clearly match to prevent mixups.

  • Label bottle(s) as examples to the left.  "Faucet Location - Flush", e.g. Kitchen Tap - Pre-flush
  • Under 'Analysis Requested', check the box on the COC for each sample submitted
  • Homeowner/Resident must sign the CoC when dropping off the samples to the Village Office/Drop Box

If you have any questions filling out the CoC/Samplebottles, contact the Village Office at 604.894.6135 or admin@pembeton.ca.

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