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Water Conservation | DO YOUR PART

Posted on August 06, 2021

Water Conservation is critical to maintaining the Village’s drinking water supply. Excess water usage compromises the Village’s critical infrastructure which means we may not have enough water to fight fires and drinking water supply may be shut-off.

On June 29, the Village of Pemberton’s water consumption hit an all-time high of 4.2 million liters. That is equivalent to approximately 1300L per person in a single day!

This amount of water usage is enough to empty all three Village reservoirs meaning Village well pumps and treatment systems had to run continuously for 24 hours just to keep up.

This put enormous stress on these systems and the aquifer recharge capacity. With this usage, if Pemberton were to experience a major leak or fire, Pemberton residents could be without water.

Why is there a water shortage when Pemberton is surrounded by water?

Pemberton’s potable water supply is unrelated to river levels. All municipal water must be treated and pumped up to reservoirs which have limited capacity.

Over the next couple of months, the Village will be publishing some interesting facts and tips on how you can DO YOUR PART to help conserve Pemberton’s water supply. Like us on Facebook and stay tuned to get involved.

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