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Status Update #1 - Rutherford Area Fire

Posted on July 26, 2016

Rutherford Area Fire | Status Update

-The Fire was caused by a lightning strike in a slash (a 'slash' is leftover debris like pine needles and branches from logging) in the Rutherford Area yesterday at approximately 4:30pm

-Today, the Fire area is between 2-3 hectares

-They have approximately 20 firefighters on site

-They have a couple of excavators on site, with 2 dedicated water hoses fighting the fire. They do not anticipate needing any aircraft today to fight the fire

-They expect to make a lot of headway today as the weather conditions are favourable (little wind)

-Some smoke may still be visible as they work with the fire.

Coastal Fire Operations will be releasing an update later today and will share this information.

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