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Holiday Message from Mayor Richman

Posted on December 04, 2020

The holiday season has already begun for some of us and we are entering a time of year that is defined by family, friends and joyous connections. As we wonder what that will look like this year we are also at a time where our tanks are running low and we need to dig into our reserves of tolerance to continue to support each other; especially through the holidays. The good news is there is light on the horizon as the medical science world is catching up with this virus and there is much to be hopeful for!

To add to my own sense of optimism, Council, the PVUS Committee and I recently had the opportunity to hear presentations from 10 inspiring community groups, listed below, and some of the members that drive them. These groups presented a snapshot of the amazing work they are doing for our community and to discuss opportunities for further initiatives through our joint grant in aid funding. All of these groups not only continue to enrich life in our valley, but they have worked hard through the pandemic to continue to bring us together in unique ways. It was wonderful to hear them speak so passionately about the work they are doing. I would like to thank all of these groups and their members; your positive energy fills me with hope not only for our little piece of paradise, but for all of us moving through and out of this pandemic.

With hope and kindness in mind, let the holiday season begin! All the best to you, from all of us at the Village.

Thank you to the Wellness Almanac, Pemberton and District Chamber, Pemberton Arts and Culture Council, Spirit of BC / Winterfest Committee, Pemberton Off Road Cycling Association, Pemberton BMX Society, Tourism Pemberton, the Pemberton Farmers Market, PAWS and the Pemberton Cemetery Committee, and all of the groups in the Pemberton Valley working to make this an incredible place to live, even during these challenging times.

- Mike

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