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Drinking Water Test Results

Posted on March 29, 2016


Summary table of results (revised April 1, 2016)

Water Testing Sites Map (revised April 1, 2016)


Residential & Waste Water Treatment Plant Results (February 17th)  - Complete Report

Distribution System Results (March 17th)- Complete Report

Pemberton Secondary & Signal Hill Elementary Schools Results (March 18th) - Complete Report

Residential, Waste Water Treatment Plant & Community Centre (March 22nd) - Complete Report

**Please note, the Urdal Road and the Pemberton Community Centre sites will be retested

As seen in the test results above, flushing tap water until it runs cold ensures the water is safe to drink. All of the post-flush samples came back well below the Maximum Acceptable Concentration for lead and other heavy metals.

In addition to the first 20 locations, the Village also tested the Pemberton & District Community Centre, Signal Hill Elementary School and Pemberton Secondary School, and the Pemberton Children's Centre, all of which indicated that flushing the water removed unsafe levels of lead.

Should you have any questions regarding the testings, please contact us at the Village Office at 604.894.6135 or at admin@pemberton.ca.

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