OR#136 & DP#93 - Sea to Sky Community Services Affordable Housing

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567726 BC LTD (Sea to Sky Community Services) has applied for a Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Major Development Permit at LOT 2 DISTRICT LOT 203 LILLOOET DISTRICT PLAN KAP56640. If approved it would allow for a rezoning from C-2 (Commercial Tourism) to a Comprehensive Development Zone. The subject property is within the Gateway land use designation, and within the Gateway Development Permit area as identified in the Official Community Plan. The project is proposing a five-storey mixed-use affordable housing building. A total of 836 SQ.M. of commercial area and 63 affordable residential rental units ranging from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms. A building height of 19 m is being proposed with a total of 79 parking stalls. 

This project is a partnership between BC Housing and Sea to Sky Community Services to provide affordable rental housing and social service space to meet local needs..

For more information on this project please head to the SSCS website https://www.sscs.ca/programs/harrowroad/

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Application Components:

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View the full OCP Rezoning and DP Application.

1. Architectural Drawings
2. Arborist Report
3. Development Permit Application Forms
4. Site Plan and Civil Drawings
5. Energy Step Code Modelling
6. Preliminary Flood Hazard Geo Report
7. Geotechnical and Flood Hazard Report
8. Letter of Agency
9. OCP Application Forms
10. Engagement Report
11. Site Disclosure Statement
12. Site Survey
13. Traffic Study

This application also has a Minor Development Permit (DPm126) For Site Preload

Proposed Bylaw: 

Zoning Amendment Comprehensive Development Zone – 6 (SSCS Harrow Road Affordable Housing) Bylaw No. 936, 2022