Zoning in The Village of Pemberton

When is Rezoning Required

In the case where a property owner wants to use his or her land in a manner that is not permitted under the present zoning, a change in the zoning classification through a formal amendment of the Municipality's Zoning Bylaw of the property is required. This process is called rezoning.

A property owner begins by submitting a Rezoning Application to the Manager of Development Services. The process is not completed until the Council has given Fourth Reading to the amending rezoning bylaw, and the bylaw has been registered by the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.

Please contact the Development Services Department to review your project and obtain a Zoning Application at 604.894.6135.

Zoning Bylaws:

Consolidated Version

Bylaw No 832, 2018 - Amended May 17, 2022
Zoning Bylaw 832, 2018 Maps - Updated May 17, 2022

Amending Bylaws:
Amendment Bylaw No. 924 - Adopted May 17, 2022
Amendment Bylaw No. 889 - Adopted October 20, 2020
Amendment Bylaw No. 883 - Adopted June 16, 2020
Amendment Bylaw No. 862 - Adopted May 7, 2019
Amendment Bylaw No. 847 - Adopted October 16, 2018
Amendment Bylaw No. 841 - Adopted October 16, 2018