Advisory Review Commissions

The Village of Pemberton recently adopted an Advisory Planning Commissions Bylaw that established two distinct Advisory Planning Commissions know as: the "Advisory Land Use Commission" (ALUC) and the "Advisory Design Review Commission" (ADRC). These new Advisory Planning Commissions are intended to replace the Advisory Land Use Commitee and Advisory Design Review Committee, respectively.  View the Advisory Planning Commission Bylaw.

Download the Committee Application Form

Advisory Design Review Commission

The main function of the Advisory Design Review Commission (ADRC) is to provide Council and Municipal Staff with advice regarding the site planning, building design, and landscape elements of commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential development proposals.

The ADRC considered and reviewed projects, applications and items referred by Council, as noted:

  • development permit applications;·
  • reports and policy analysis related to development permit applications and development permit guidelines;
  • planning and design studies;
  • review of official documents such as the Official Community Plan, Village Vision, or Zoning Bylaw;
  • rezoning applications that require early design review;
  • or any other matters referred by Council.

Advisory Land Use Commission

The main function of the ALUC is to provide information on public opinion in relation to, and to advise with, integrated planning. Issues that were considered included:

  • land use
  • community planning
  • growth-related matters
  • other issues which may affect the quality of life for present and future residents of the area