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Winds of ChangeWinds of Change is a collaborative public policy initiative of the Mount Currie Band and the Village of Pemberton to reduce the harm associated with drug and alcohol misuse.

Broadly speaking the WINDS OF CHANGE is a harm reduction strategy guided by the following vision statement:

"We are neighbours, friends and relative working together to reduce the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol on our communities.  We respect our differences and find strength in the common goal of a healthy and safe environment for our children and families."

This is a unique partnership that is tackling a challenging and persistent social issue and has been successful in bringing drug and alcohol misuse to the forefront in the Pemberton Valley.  It has not been an easy journey. It had a tragic beginning which resulted in both communities coming together to produce a vision of wellness for everybody.  That vision is contained in the report Winds of Change: A Healing Vision. The report sets out 13 recommendations in four categories: North Wind, West Wind, South Wind and East Wind.

November 2009 marked the 5 year anniversary of the WINDS OF CHANGE.  The two Councils passed a joint motion reconfirming their deep conviction and commitment to this important initiative.

2004 Winds of Change report

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The Winds of Change Steering Committee resolved that September 16-22, 2013 be a week dedicated to raising local awareness of the existence and impact of residential schools in our communities, in the hope that it will promote conversation, learning, and reconciliation in our lives and our communities.

The Winds of Change calls out to our communities to learn more about Residential Schools and to speak openly about the healing path we need to walk on together.

The Winds of Change will launch Reconciliation Week by engaging local residents in learning through the Wellness Almanac.

Read more about Reconciliation Week

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Organized by the Winds of Change Committee, the Wellness Gathering is an annual event that celebrates wellness and healthy living.  The Gathering includes free wellness workshops, featured speakers and an Awards Dinner. The event is always free. For more information on the Wellness Gathering events, visit the below pages.

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Wellness Gathering Photo


The Winds of Change Committee hosts an awards event each year at the Wellness Gathering. The awards recognize individuals and organizations who exemplify the spirit of the Winds of Change and have made positive contributions to the residents of the Pemberton Valley and surrounding area. Three award recipients are selected annually.

Download the 2013 Award Nomination package

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The Winds of Change Steering Committee meets a minimum of four times per year and is responsible for ensuring the ongoing implementation of the recommendations of the 2004 Winds of Change report.  The committee also provides ongoing evaluation and communication of initiatives undertaken to implement the Winds of Change report.

Committee Terms of Reference - Amended December 2009

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Drug & Alcohol Treatment Options Feasibility Study 2006 - 2008

In December of 2006, the Village of Pemberton in partnership with the Lil'wat Nation received funding from UBCM's Community Health Promotion Fund in partnership with ActNOw BC through the Ministry of Health  to undertake a Feasability Study to assess the need for a drug & alcohol treatment facility and/or services in the Pemberton Area.

With input from the communities in the form of Focus Group Sessions, the Feasibility Study was drafted and presented to the public for further input at two Open Houses held October 17 & 18, 2007.

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Age-Friendly Community Plan Spring 2007 - 2008

Seniors and Elders in Pemberton and Mount Currie face many challenges such as a significant lack of culturally appropriate seniors housing, transportation, recreation and access to medical services, to name a few.  Through this initiative the Village of Pemberton and Mount Currie are working cooperatively to develop a specific plan of action which will improve the quality of life for Seniors and Elders in our communities.

Funding was accessed through the UBCM Seniors in Communities Pilot Project Fund to develop a Senior and Elder (Age) Friendly Community Plan.  This was a collaborative initiative of the Village of Pemberton and Lil'wat Nation.

The development of the Plan was overseen by the Winds of Change Committee with additional representation from Seniors/Elders groups.

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