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The Village of Pemberton recognizes the importance of Special Events in enhancing the quality of life, tourism, culture, recreation and education and in providing economic benefits to the local economy.

A Special Event Permit is a permit which grants, to a person(s), group or organization, permission to host an event which is either on Village of Pemberton property, or is expected to incur extraordinary costs to the Village. For further information, refer to Bylaw No. 750, 2014,


A Special Events Permit is required to:

  • Assist with the planning of a special event
  • Ensure provision of adequate health, safety, sanitation and protective measures of persons attending the special events.
  • Notify the Village of Pemberton of events happening within the boundaries, avoiding an overlap of events.
  • Ensure community members have accessibility and availability to amenities within the Village
  • Confirm adequate amenities will be available for the Special Event and necessary requirements are met.


If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you will most likely require a Special Events Permit:

  • Is the event likely to be attended by more than three hundred (300) individuals or more per day?
  • Is it likely that the Village will be required to provide additional policing, highway and traffic control, water and other services, or deal with potential adverse impacts such as nuisance?
  • Will a fee be charged for attendance or is the Special event being held for the purpose of commercial profit or gain?

The following events most likely will not require a Permit:

  • Special Events held or sponsored by the Village;
  • Special Events held by Sea to Sky School District No. 48 & No. 93;
  • Special Events held outdoors that can facilitate the attendance of less than 300 people and applied for by a local business or a community or rate payer association incorporated under the Society Act and operating within the Village unless the event is a "Commercial Event";
  • Special Events facilitated by organizations or groups that hold a valid Parks & Public Space Use Permit issued by the CAO;

NOTE: The Village reserves the right to require a group or organization to obtain a Special Events Permit.


To apply for a Special Events Permit, fill out and return a completed application form to the Village office a minimum of:

Minor Events:  at least sixty (60) days prior to any Site preparations for the Special Event;

Major Events:  at least one hundred and eighty (180) days prior to any Site preparations for the Special Event.

You may be contacted upon receipt of the application to complete any outstanding information prior to the start of the application process.


If you are considering hosting an event in the Pemberton area, contact the Village office with the key details - what, when, where, and how many - and the Village will let you know if you need an approval. The Village will also let you know if you need permits related to your event, and can help you work through that process.

If you need to get an approval, gather all of the necessary information, complete the application, and submit it as soon as possible.

The Village will review the application and will contact you. You will be advised if more information is needed, or if the Village's partners need to review the event.

Wait for the reviews, if required, and provide any additional information needed. The more your event impacts the community and the more the special events office has to consult with other Village departments and outside partners, the more time and information you will need and the more you need to work with staff.


Requirements vary based on the size and type of the Special Event. For a complete list of requirements which may be requested, refer to the Special Events Guideline and Bylaw No. 750, 2014. Special Events Permit requirements include:

  • Completed Special Events application form
  • Written Approvals
  • Site and Emergency Plan
  • Event insurance
  • Application Fee
  • Refundable security deposit
  • Valid Village of Pemberton Business Licence

NOTE: Upon review of the application and depending on the type of event, the Village has the right to require additional amenities or services be provided or arranged for, prior to the Special Events Permit being issued.

If you are unsure if you require a Special Events Permit, or have any questions, please contact the Village office.


For hosting events that serve alcohol, please refer to the Community Alcohol Policy Guidelines for best practices.

The Province is implementing a new online application process for the approval of liquor licences for small, low risk events. Offering online applications for Special Occasion Licences (SOLs) is expected to enhance public safety by providing officials with information in real-time about events happening in their communities.

A number of new policy changes and operating rules for SOLs are also being introduced:

  • New SOL frequency limits - up to three events per month, up to 24 total per year, per applicant;
  • Applicants will be required to obtain local government/First Nation approvals in advance for events on their lands or properties.  Applicants without the necessary approvals may have the licence cancelled by police or the LCLB;
  • Local governments and First Nations will be notified of all SOLs issued in their area.  They are encouraged to continue taking part in CAPE or Festival Committees, may impose conditions on SOLs under local bylaws;
  • Changes to SOL Maximum Price Schedule;
  • Police and liquor inspectors will undertake a review, based on the type of event and number of people attending; and,
  • Liquor inspectors will review and approve all SOLs where 500 or more people are attending and the security plan provided.

For more information, please visit:  UBCM, New Process for Approving Special Occasion Licences


Yes, there is a fee to obtain a Special Events Permit. The fee is based on the size of the event and participants attending the event. For more information on the Special Event Application Fee, refer to Bylaw No. 750, 2014.

Last Updated on Friday, September 30, 2016