With 360 degree views, Pemberton offers a spectacular backdrop for filming purposes. Just 3 hours from Vancouver and 20 minutes north of Whistler, Pemberton has a history in farming, a unique village character, and sweeping mountain vistas. Any person or company who is interested in accessing Village of Pemberton Municipal property for the purposes of commercial photography, video, film and television must obtain a Filming Licence and Business Licence from the Village of Pemberton. Complete the application forms and return them to the Village of Pemberton Office for review. News Media are exempt.


Each production will be subject to the appropriate licensing fees and deposits as described below.

Description Fee
Non-Refundable Application Fee $125
Daily Film Fee $300
Business Licence Fee $150
Security Deposit $5,000

If filming is taking place in a park or public space, including the Downtown Community Barn or on a public roadway, a Parks and Public Spaces Permit is also required. The municipality also reserves the right to establish "film sensitive zones," which may require additional fees for filming within the municipality.

film CREDITS for Pemberton

  • 2016 - Made for TV Movie: Dead Cold
  • 2015 - Nissan Car Commercial filmed at Pemberton Airport
  • 2015 - BMW Car Commercial filmed at Pemberton Airport
  • 2015 - Brownshoes Catalogue Shoot
  • 2015 - Walmart Commercial - Circle Productions
  • 2013 - Subaru Film Shoot filmed at Pemberton Airport
  • 2012 - Proctor & Gamble Olympic Commercial
  • 2011 - Feature film: Twilight, Breaking Dawn
  • 2011 - Kia Car Commercial
  • 2007/08 - Feature film: X-Files: I Want to Believe 2006
  • 2007/08 - Feature film: Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?
  • 2006 - Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
  • 2004 - Mountain Dew commercial filmed at Pemberton Airport
  • 2003 - Smart Set Clothing Co. fashion photo shoot at One Mile Lake
  • 2003 - Hyundai car commercial filmed at Pemberton Airport
  • 2002 - Chevy truck commercial filmed at One Mile Lake


The Corporation of the Village of Pemberton Licence for Filming Purposes

1.0 Objectives:

This Licence has been written to meet a number of specific objectives:

(i) To create an environment that is suitable to allow for and encourage the filming of motion pictures and video production in the Village of Pemberton.

(ii) To protect municipal properties from adverse filming impacts on the environment.

(iii) To protect municipal interest against potential liability arising from filming activity.

(iv) To ensure that direct costs borne by the Village of Pemberton in relation to filming are recovered.

(v) To provide a broad set of procedures by which filming activities may be authorized.

1.1 General Applications

All filming within the Village of Pemberton should comply with all Federal, Provincial, and Municipal regulations, particularly those in respect to occupational safety and health. A film application must be submitted in writing and contain the following information:

  • Project description including the purpose and scope of the activity
  • Crew and cast size, number of vehicles, arrangements for sanitary facilities, and security provisions
  • Number of days and dates crew will be on municipal property
  • Areas requested for filming
  • Detailed stunts or special effects

2.0 FEES

The Licencee shall apply and pay to the municipality a daily film fee of $300.00, as well as a business licence fee of $150.00. The Licencee shall further pay to the municipality a non-refundable application fee of $125.00 to be paid at the time the application is submitted. No filming shall be authorized without the prior completion of the appropriate forms.

The municipality retains the right to establish "film sensitive zones", which may require additional fees for filming in defined areas within the municipality.

3.0 Security

The Licencee shall deposit with the municipality at the time that the licence is issued security in the amount of $5,000.00. Security shall be in the form of a certified cheque, money order, or a letter of credit endorsed and delivered to the Village of Pemberton.

Upon completion of filming, the site will be inspected by the Municipal Works Foreman or other person designated by the Municipality, to ensure that the sites are clean and have been restored to their original condition satisfactory to the Municipality. The security deposit will be returned to the licensee within 30 days of receiving a satisfactory inspection report, and where there are no liability or third party claims anticipated.

Any costs necessary to rectify the site will be borne by the Licensee. The security held by the Municipality will be applied to these costs and the balance of the security will be returned to the Licencee. Where these costs exceed the security held by the Municipality, the Licencee will pay the costs in full within 30 days of receiving an invoice from the Municipality.

4.0 Insurance

The Licencee is required to purchase and maintain a minimum of $5,000,000 Comprehensive Liability insurance to a maximum deemed appropriate by the Clerk-Treasurer. This insurance is to be held on an occurrence basis. In addition, the Village of Pemberton must be named as an insured under the policy and a completed "Proof of Insurance" form must accompany the filming licence application.

Any loss or damage which occurs and which is under the deductible in the insurance policy or is not covered by the insurance policy is the responsibility of the Licencee.

5.0 Designated Representative

The Licensee must appoint a Designated Representative from the company who will be responsible for all film company activities. The representative must be on site through the duration of all filming and related activities. A 24-hour contact phone number must be provided. The designated representative is responsible for ensuring that all cast and crew are informed of and abide by the policies of the municipality.

6.0 Parking

The Licencee must arrange in advance for parking of all vehicles associated with the production. These parking arrangements must be approved prior to production by a local government representative. Off-street parking may be required for crew and other non-essential vehicles. If required, the film company will, at its own expense, provide shuttle service from the designated parking area to the filming site. Only essential vehicles may be parked on municipal streets.

No parking is permitted on grass areas, fire lanes or restricted areas unless prior permission is obtained from the municipality.

All vehicles associated with the film production must bear an identification tag including phone number, which must be displayed prominently in each vehicle associated with the production.

7.0 Street Closures

The Licencee must conduct production so as not to interfere with normal traffic flows along municipal streets, malls, pedestrian areas, unless the Licencee obtains the prior permission of the municipality.

The municipality may refuse street, mall, or pedestrian area closures during retail business hours or other designated peak times alternate access is available. At the discretion of the municipality , they may permit intermittent street closures in which case streets may be closed for only 3 minutes of every 10 minutes period and may require the use of a licenced traffic controller or RCMP officer.

The Licencee must contact the Provincial Ministry of Transportation and highways regarding film use on Highway 99 or any other Highway under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation and Highways.

8.0 On Site Construction

Any construction that is approved must be undertaken so as to prevent adverse environmental impact or damage to municipal sites and facilities. Any construction or resulting structures must at no time endanger public safety.

9.0 Special Effects

All explosions, gunblasts, low fly-overs by any type of aircraft real or model, vehicle collision, aircraft collision, use of incendiary devices or other special effects must be detailed in the written application. Written approvals from the police, fire department and other affected agencies must be presented to the municipality before approval will be given.

10.0 Restoration

The Licensee shall restore the municipal locations to their original conditions unless prior permission to leave the site in an altered state is approved by the municipality in writing.

The Licencee shall conduct its operations so as not to cause any damage or leave any waste and the Licencee will be charged with all costs of repairing damage and cleaning waste from the municipal location(s).

The Permittee shall pay for all costs associated with the production, including the costs of security, service staff, damage repair and cleaning. In particular, the Licencee may be charged with all additional expenses incurred by the municipality as a result of the production, including costs associated with Fire Department response to false alarms triggered by the production process.

11.0 Crowd Control

The Licencee shall employ security staff or take other means approved by the municipality to ensure that crowds viewing the filming process are controlled.

12.0 Indoor Filming

While filming indoors, the Licencee must abide by any non-smoking restrictions and any food or beverage restrictions applicable to the building. All sets must be constructed in a safe manner.

13.0 Noise

The Licencee must make every effort to keep noise down to a reasonable level during production. Hours of filming must be approved by the local municipality subject to municipal by-laws. Notification must be delivered to each household deemed to be effected.

The municipality may refuse to permit night filming if it considers that residents will be unduly affected. Specific conditions may be imposed on night filming as considered necessary in the public interest.

14.0 Indemnity

The Licencee hereby releases, indemnifies and saves harmless the municipality and their officers, servants, agents, employees and other from and against all costs, losses, damages, compensation, claims, demands, actions, judgments and expenses including actual legal expenses arising from death or injury to person or property loss or damage resulting from the actions or failures to act of the Permittee, it's directors, officers, employees ,agents, contractors, subcontractors and others in respect of the production for which this License is issued. The Village of Pemberton will not be responsible for any loss, regardless of the cause, except the sole negligence of the municipality.

15.0 Copyright

The Village of Pemberton shall have no copyright interest in any photography or recording made pursuant to this agreement and the Licensee shall not be obliged to make use of any photographs or recordings made pursuant to this Licence.

16.0 Accreditation

The Village of Pemberton reserves the right to request films to display the following credit line which identifies areas used as a site location to be within municipal boundaries:

"Filmed in the Village of Pemberton, British Columbia"

17.0 Revocation

The Village of Pemberton may revoke this licence without notice and without payment of any damages if the Licencee does not comply with the terms and conditions of this Licence or other applicable legislation.

18.0 Alterations

The Licencee may not deviate from the production specifications listed herein or the terms and conditions of the Licence unless the Licencee obtains written consent of the municipality.

19.0 Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia and the Federal Government of Canada and the Licencee agrees to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of British Columbia and Canada.


Creative BC's mandate is to provide the programs, services and expertise needed to expand and diversify British Columbia's creative industries, stimulate investment and employment in the creative sector and promote BC's creative content and production capabilities both at home and in the global marketplace.  Creative BC's programs and services are clearly focused on achieving this mandate.

Other Considerations

The Licencee must make every effort to keep noise down to a reasonable level during production. Hours of filming must be approved by the local municipality subject to municipal by-laws. Notification must be delivered to each household deemed to be effected.

The municipality may refuse to permit night filming if it considers that residents will be unduly affected. Specific conditions may be imposed on night filming as considered necessary in the public interest.

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