The Pemberton Skatepark was designed with strong input from local skaters to be unique to the Sea-to-Sky corridor, and to the entire planet. To draw skaters from the existing parks in Horseshoe Bay, Squamish and Whistler, as well as from the plethora of parks in greater Vancouver, a cool aesthetic was combined with a unique approach to the functional park design. Hollowed "floating" ledges, some coloured concrete and faux stone finishes create a slick and unique aesthetic which is further enhanced by some of the sculptural skate elements. With respect to the unique functional design, the replica swimming pool complete with a deathbox and loveseat, topped with granite pool coping (the only granite pool coping in the country & maybe the world) is the obvious standout that will draw skaters from all over.


The streeSkatepark Opening.jpgt course, as well as boasting two elements that are totally unique to just this park (the 'suspended morphing step-up bank extender' & the 'mega over-vert chunk'), has a design that is different than anything else around. It combines two aspects of skateparks that are often seen as mutually exclusive: endless flow and transition skating, which is created by 'bowling in' almost the entire park so that there are absolutely no dead ends, with very technical street elements. It's a truly modern skatepark in the way that the tech elements allow skaters to celebrate the incredible heights that technical, trick oriented skating has gone to while also maintaining a really high degree of the timeless aspect of flow & fun, the cornerstones of any good skatepark.




Pemberton Skatepark Pemberton Skatepark

Pemberton Skatepark Pemberton Skatepark














Check out photos from the Pemberton Skatepark Grand Opening.

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