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How to Use the Cultural Map

Simply click on either an icon on the map, or a facility from the list below the map. Once selected the text in this box will be replaced with detailed information about one of Pemberton's fantastic cultural resources.

The Pemberton Cultural Map was created by Tracy Howlett & Lil'wat Nation GIS Program 2010.

Arts, Education and Performance Facilities

Heritage & Cultural Facilties

Commercial Art and Craft Studios

Local Businesses Hosting Artists

Mountain Recreation Organizations

Supporting Organizations

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A 'cultural scan', or cultural mapping, is an overview and analysis of the community's human and tangible cultural resources.

Appreciating that arts and culture play a major role in the vitality and economic sustainability of the community, the Village of Pemberton determined to take stock of the cultural landscape, laying the ground work to plan for the future by conducting this cultural scan and map. The map allows for a community to understand the strengths and weaknesses of its cultural assets.


The present Cultural Scan and Map addresses arts, heritage and mountain recreation. The scan focuses on organizations, facilities and events open and accessible to the general public. While some private businesses will be mentioned within the scan, the
primary focus will be upon resources which are either publicly funded or funded through charitable contributions. Arts scans, heritage scans, and recreation scans are frequently undertaken separately in British Columbia. By having the vision to combine the three in
the cultural scan, the Village has provided an opportunity for the community to benefit by sharing services, facilities, and resources across the disciplines and seeking opportunities for cross-pollination.

The Village, working with a stakeholder group, concluded that the cultural resources relating to Pemberton extended beyond the Village boundaries. As a result, the area which this scan focuses on is located in the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, Area C.  For the purposes of this cultural scan the boundaries of the district are south of Pemberton at the Green River MX Track on Highway 99, to the west the end of the Pemberton Meadows Road, to the east the junction of the Route 99 leading to Duffy Pass and the Lillooet Lake Road, and to the north along the Pemberton Portage Road to D'Arcy at the tip of Anderson Lake. Throughout this district residents actively participate in cultural events, the creation of art, and preservation of their local history. The many cultural organizations within these boundaries are a testament to community involvement and the depth of talent present in the area.

With Pemberton's and its district's array of cultural organizations, cultural venues, and heritage resources, the community is positioning itself to see the future cultivation of the cultural sector. This is enhanced by Pemberton being an attractive locale for residents and visitors alike.

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