Below is a summary of Questions & Answers from the Public Information Meeting held on Monday, June 2, 2014.  As outreach in the community continues, we will be adding to the summary below.

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1.  How does the Sports Pass affect residents in Area C who play organized sports?  Would they continue to play if they have to pay registration/drop in PLUS the sports pass?

The terms of the proposed Sports Pass is still being investigated.  The intent of the Sports Pass is the means to implement a two-tiered pay structure for users of the facility that are not Village residents.  The added cost of the Sports Pass for non-Village residents is intended to be similar to the added taxes Village property owners are charged annually for the capital (borrowing) and operating costs.

2.  Do we know the demographics of the user groups?  Are they aware they would have to pay more to use the new facility?
We do not currently have the demographics of the specific user groups, but rather for the individual jurisdictions.   The user groups were aware of the additional cost to utilize the new facility.

3.  Are we confident that by 2015, basketball will use the hours predicted?
Yes. The numbers are 25% of what the user group estimated.  The challenge is that there has not been a facility to take advantage of a year round youth and adult basketball program so there is not existing use at these levels.

4.  How many hours will the Hill Academy be taking up in the new facility?   Is there a guarantee that they will use those hours?
The Hill Academy has estimated that they will require the following daily hours of court use (per court):

Year 1 - 3

Year 2 - 5

Year 3 - 8

Year 4 - 8

Year 5 - 8

The Village has a draft agreement in place that it wishes to see signed by Sunstone to guarantee court use.

5.  Do the facilities include wheelchair accessibility and a family changeroom?
The building will be wheelchair accessible, however, at this time the proposal does not include a family changeroom.

6.  Why has the scope changed (2 court to 3 court)?
Based on the research completed, the Village could not afford to construct the three (3) court option within it borrowing capacity.

7.  If the SLRD came on board would the $230 parcel tax be reduced?  Is there a model if they do partner?
Though we have not modeled the exact cost impacts of the SLRD participating in this project, the parcel tax could be reduced if the SLRD agreed to become a partner.

8.  What if the SLRD wants to come on board after we have secured the loan?  How does that affect the loan?
If the SLRD decided to participate after we had secured a loan the Village would likely suggest entering into a long term agreement that would see the SLRD making regular contributions to the facility and its operations. This would most likely see a direct decrease in the parcel tax charges issued to Village of Pemberton residents.

9.  How does Tiyata and Sunstone factor into the Parcel Tax?
Upon subdivision the net increase in lots will reduce the parcel taxes paid by the rest of the community. We cannot produce the exact impact until we have confirmation of their subdivision plan and timelines.

10.  If there is a profit/surplus from the Parcel Tax collected, how will it be spent? Can it be used towards debt?
This has not been decided at this point, however, one of the options could be to contribute to the facility reserves or if the surplus is consistent, to reduce the parcel tax.

11.  Will there be a parcel tax review if we have a boundary expansion?  How often will the parcel tax be reviewed?
Yes, there will be a parcel tax review if we have a boundary expansion.  Parcel taxes are currently reviewed every year.

12.  Why have we chosen the model to pay for the facility through a parcel tax rather than general taxation?
This provides certainty for the payment of the debt through a more equitable means.

13.  What debt does the VoP currently carry?
The current debt the VoP is carrying is $5,807,253. This is a combination of short and long term borrowing.

14.  What is the Village's total borrowing capacity?  If we borrow $4.8 million, how much will be left?
The Village's total remaining borrowing capacity is $8,380,000.  If the Village was to borrow $4.8 million, the remaining amount would be $3,580,000.

15.  What projects are coming up that we need to pay for?
The Water Reservoir ($1.2 million) and the New Fire/Rescue Vehicle ($500,000)

16.  What are the servicing costs?
The off-site servicing cost contributions have been limited to $200,000, while the on-site servicing cost estimates are approximately $364,000.

17.  What is Sunstone contributing to the on-site/off-site servicing?  Will they be paying a latecomers fee?
The proposed Multi-Sports Recreation Facility will require water and sanitary sewer infrastructure improvements.  The most efficient approach for the Village is to work together with Sunstone on their proposed off-site servicing system.

The off-site water system includes a new reservoir which in part will service existing Village development as well as a portion of the Sunstone residential (approximately 50%) , the independent school site, the recreation site and the immediately adjacent commercial and residential lots. Please note that the reservoir will need to occur regardless of whether or not the Multi-sport facility proceeds.

The off-site sewer system will service all of the Sunstone residential site, the independent school site and the recreation site as well as the adjacent residential and commercial lots and the Biro/Sabre/Tulloch property.

The total off-site servicing works (including the Village reservoir) is estimated to be $3,060,000 ($1,670,000 water) and ($1,390,000 sewer).  At this time the Village's contribution will be $1,200,000 towards the water reservoir and a further $200,000 for the recreation site servicing.  At this time the Sunstone development will be responsible for a total of $1,660,000 which is composed of: their share ($976,599), any latecomers ($620,772) and a portion of the recreation site ($62,629).

18.  If gymnastics left the Pemberton Community Centre, what would be the impact on its financials?
The approximate net impact on revenues to the Community Centre would be $37,000. The Recreation Service operates this program for the community.

19.  What is the current debt being carried by the community centre?  How much longer will there be debt servicing for the community centre?
We do not have this information at this time. We are working on it.

20.  What if we go to tender and we don't like any of the bids?
The Village would either re-issue a revised tender or simply not proceed with the initiative

21.  Where do the CAC get allocated?
The Community Amenity Contributions for the Sunstone development must be allocated to the Village for the purpose of future recreational capital costs on sports fields, a multi-sports facility, an ice arena or aquatic centre and ancillary uses.

22.  The location of the facility is far from town.  How will kids on bikes get there?  What about in the winter?
The selection of the Pemberton Farm Road site was based on many considerations, but most notably because the site was not within the Agricultural Land Reserve, served the greater Pemberton area, had trail access and was gifted to the Village.  It is the intent that the Friendship Trail will provide the appropriate off-road connection.  The Village and the SLRD Trail Service is currently acquiring the necessary funding and right-of-ways for the construction of the trail and related infrastructure (bridge).

23.  When is the title transfer (on the recreation lands)?
The conditions of the transfer are being addressed and should be achievable in the next few months.

24.  Are we going to buy the property if the referendum fails?
The Village could secure the lands through a purchase ($10) or continue to hold the lease.  The term of the lease and option to purchase is in effect until July 2015, but the Village may renew the lease for two subsequent three(3) year terms.

25. If referendum is successful, what is our timeline for this project?
If the referendum is successful, the results will be brought forward to Council at which time they will consider adoption of the Bylaw.  It is anticipated that adoption would take place at an upcoming Regular Council meeting the date of which is yet to be determined.  Council is not obligated to adopt the bylaw and if they do so they are not obligated to move forward with borrowing for up to 5 years.

26.  What happens if the Hill Academy disappears after 6 months?
The only way to buffer this risk is through a contract with Sunstone and Hill that guarantees the funds for the use over a term period. This is considered in the current draft agreement.

27.  Would you consider not having the referendum?
No. At this time, the referendum process has begun and it is recommended by the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development that is best not to halt the process.

28.  Is there a quorum required for voting?
There is no quorum required.  A majority is 50% plus one, based on the total ballots cast.

29.  Aside for recreation uses, could the Multi-Sport Recreation Facility be used for other things?
Yes, the facility could provide needed large scale indoor space and accommodate activities such as tradeshows, community events (such as St. David's Bizarre, GGC Clothing swap etc.).



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