The Village of Pemberton desires to establish Pemberton as a community that celebrates and supports Arts, Heritage and Mountain-related outdoor culture. The Village understands the importance of Culture and desires to integrate it into all aspects of civic planning and life in the community.

To achieve this, a Cultural Plan is being developed that will articulate how the community can support their vision of culture in Pemberton and the surrounding region. The strategy will provide momentum for the Village to move forward over the next ten years by harnessing the community's cultural aspects for the benefit of all. While the Village realizes that it does not create culture, it can take a role in facilitating and promoting culture by supporting the development and implementation of a Cultural Plan.

To get involved with the Village of Pemberton's cultural plan, be part of the online discussion on the Cultural Plan Facebook page, and respond to a Cultural Plan Survey designed to gather resident's perspectives on the Plan and check out our website regularly for current information.

"Studies have revealed that the arts and culture sector is a potent one for economic spin-off.  It creates jobs, enhances tourism, and general quality of life, and results in spending in other sectors.  The arts also promotes community pride and offers healthy opportunities for participation by people of all ages, from children to seniors"

-Smart Growth B.C.

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Last Updated on Friday, January 28, 2011